BVB Reus The stars rarely played by heaven hope for Bavaria

BVB captain Marco Reus, with a view to the German Championship, has a fight at FC Bayern Munich and sights the title profit with Borussia Dortmund.

My goal is to get the big thing with the BVB. As long as I m the BVB jersey wearing and captain of this team, I will do everything we can get the shell to Dortmund, said the 32-year-old the Internet portal Bayern Munich1.

Borussia Dortmund is tabled after eleven playing days in the football Bundesliga — with four points behind the Bayern. The BVB must be there when the Bavarian weakened, said the national player. We rarely played the stars from the sky this season, but also won scarce games that stood on the can t. That s good, Zeus judged.

Marco Reus - The Star of BVB - 2012/2013 | HD
For nine years, Bavaria have been uninterrupted Master, which is constant pure and great art. We have to be there if you are weakening. But they just weaken very rarely, Zeus said.

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