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I had hoped in 2014 that something can arise. Now I see the frustration because the work has not been continued, says the 62-year-old talking to the Qatar about women s football in the Emirate. Stab established women s football against violent social resistances in the Federal Republic, only as a player, then as a trainer and chairman of the years in Germany dominant 1. AFC Frankfurt, who founded himself from the women s department of SG Mannheim. In 2007 Stab s foreign mission in Bahrain began, since September 2021 she trained the women s national team in no less controversial Saudi Arabia. A conversation about athletic purchase, passenger-pass problems at the airport and the question of how sustainable Qatar s work is in women s football.

Ms. Stab, they were about one and a half years of trainer of the Katarina woman national elf in 2013 and 2014. How has the women s football since then developed in the Emirate?

Unfortunately not good, considering that Qatar has committed to introduce the World Cup assignment to FIFA to introduce women s football. At that time we have achieved much, from which U 14 up to the U 16 teams built, games made, even the West Arab Cup completed. In 2010, Qatar lost 0:19 against Bahrain, we lost only 0: 3. Today, Start s women are not even led to the FIFA ranking.

Where is the central problem?

Women s football is still no association, but located in a ministerial funded sports community. The then boss made that very well. But since she has ceded in 2014, one switched into the reverse gear. Maybe that s also due to the missing football culture.

If a member of the ruling family fan of a club is, then the stop is still receiving a few road more. That s the case in all golf countries.

Monika Stab

Can you concretize this?

I just see the cross comparison at Saudi Arabia. Here are the people football crazy. They go into the stadium and fire their women and men. Even the women go to the men s games, since 2018 has developed a lot of positives for women. This is not the case in Qatar.

Can you compare development in women s football in Qatar and Saudi Arabia?

There it goes in two different directions. Qatar no longer has a real woman national team. When games are pending, the bill will be preserved for the public. I can not say to what extent overlooking the World Cup, I can not say. So far I have not heard that women s football was integrated into the association. Actually, the FIFA writes that.


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In December 2010, the World Cup 2022 is awarded to Qatar.

Five years later, FIFA decides to develop a World Cup in the winter months for the first time.

For eleven years, non-sporting topics have dominated the World Cup: It s about voice purchase, exploitation of workers on construction sites and fundamental human rights.

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The football also sells his soul

But the financial base comes from state side anyway…

Right. Everything is financed by the sports ministries, both in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. That s the same with the men. Each club has a state budget minimum that he can increase with extra sponsors. Or if a member of the ruling family fan of a club is, then the stop is still a few road more. That s the case in all golf countries. In Qatar there is a decisive difference.

That reads?

You buy your athletes when you want. That s what you have seen at the 2015 Handball World Cup, as top player were nourished. That does not exist with the Saudis. Normally you will only receive a Canada pass if you have a catalyst. Whenever non-catari women s footballers have run through the emigration point at the airport, they had to give the passport. You just had the pass to practice your sport. I could not expect if I had no permission before leaving my sponsor. This has changed now.

It happened that they were not allowed to leave?

Yes, I stood at the airport three times, my team was flown, and I was not allowed because I did not think that s okay. That too does differently in the Saudis. There you have your visa and can take in and out.

Was women s football for Qatar a fig leaf in the course of the World Cup Association 2010?

I had hoped for 2014 that something can arise. Now I see the frustration because the work has not been continued. That s a fact.

I can only compare this with Saudi Arabia… there is life and will in women s football.

Monika Stab

What role do public and media play?

Whenever a political delegation comes or a big station, in 2017 was about Discovery, you have the feeling that it happens something. Then a game is staged to show activity. But basically nothing happens. The women s football has not been so correctly integrated in the association, of course, the men s World Cup is absolutely the focus. I still have very good contact with the players who are very disappointed. A training will be completed from time to time, but you can not speak of an active team. Outwardly the appearance is maintained.

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Do you think that has a negative effect on the topic of social departure?

I can only compare this with Saudi Arabia. What is doing here, you have to have seen. In the two months I have seen more than 25 clubs, each club has around the 40 girls who train on a fighter field. Squares are unfortunately in short supply. But there is life and will in women s football. They do not always train everything right, but I m also there for the training gauge (laughs).

Monika Stab at her presentation in Saudi Arabia. Private

On the other hand, we are just as a strong restrictive system that is internationally difficult in criticism.

I do not express myself politically because that is not my mission. My topic is women s football, I would like to leave it. Of course, I have my opinion on the things. But it does not help me to express myself politically when I want to help women here. I always see that from the athlete side and there it is great when an athlete has good and financially attractive competitions as in the Emirates. And: Sport is a very important tool to give women more rights and self-confidence, including another role understanding and the opportunity to make career. In Qatar, you may not play in fact as soon as you got married. Of course, religion plays a role, with hijab and leggings meanwhile no obstacle, because the FIFA has allowed it.

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Is the brake for women s football in Qatar also a brake for social development?

For all states in the region it is a way away. My impression is that the Saudis wants to prune the population afterwards that it is okay for women to play football — whether with or without hijab. An Arab told me: A woman is a crystal when she plays football, she breaks. I answered, I already play 51 years, and I m not broken (laughs). 50 years ago we were not allowed to kick in Germany with the justification, we could not get children more. What a humbug! Again, we had to spend many fights. I can not change the countries, but I can make the women happy for a few hours.

That sounds like an exciting task, but even after a sad when everyday life is in.

You go with a laughing and a crying eye. In North Korea, the women came to the farewell to the root field. It makes me happy that at least for a few days you see something else and listen through the football, you do not even have access to the internet. I think they draw hope and feel a moment of bliss.

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