NVIDIA End of the ChipMangel according to CEO for a long time in sight

The Xbox 360 is a game console created by Microsoft as well as successor to the initial Xbox. The job name of the console was Xenon. In journalism, she was likewise described as Xbox 2 or Xbox Next prior to alert of the name. It was presented at the end of 2005 in the marketplace of the USA, Europe and also Japan. In Oceania, she was offered from the end of March 2006. It is the 2nd video game console of the Xbox line of product and was in competition for the Sony PlayStation 3 as well as Nintendo Wii. For the Xbox 360 there is an on the internet solution called Xbox Live, which permits individuals to play online, download video games (Xbox Live Game) in addition to music, TV programs and also movies by Xbox Songs as well as the Xbox Video clip Site to purchase and as well Stream amen. Microsoft announced in June 2014, discontinued over 84 million consoles as well as to have actually achieved sales of 37.7 billion United States bucks with game sales. The follower, the Xbox One, showed up on November 22, 2013. Microsoft gave on 20. April 2016 introduced that the manufacturing of Xbox 360 was set as well as the last systems are marketed out. The online assistance for Xbox Live is not impacted for the time being.

It looks like that it will probably not be easy next year to come to a PS5, Xbox Series X or current graphics card from NVIDIA or AMD. In 2022, the global chip deficiency will ensure that production can not breastfeed demand from all over the world. That says Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang in an interview.

Special graphics cards affected by the deficiency

Windows Update 1709 Fix for graphics cards and other issues NVIDIA
Although the NVIDIA boss assumes that the necessary parts would arrive faster due to the size of the company and the economic ecosystem, it will nevertheless be difficult for graphics cards. And not only are the own GPUs of the major manufacturers (RTX or RX series) are affected. Also, Sony and Microsoft set at PS5 and Xbox Series X / S on AMD.

Further companies fear long waiting time to normal

Jensen Huang is not the only tech officer who has finally commented on this topic. Intel CEO Pat Gel singer also announced that the chip deficiency will last until 2023. Toshiba-Director Takes hi Kombucha expires from shipping difficulties until at least September 2022.

Sony has to shut down the production of the console

Direct effects now also has the current situation on the production of the PS5. Actually, Sony wanted to produce a total of 16 million units between April 2021 and March 2022. Now you had to reduce this goal to 15 million PS5 copies.

Problems also with Microsoft and Nintendo

Similar to Sony, Microsoft also endeavors to ensure new replenishment of Xbox Series X. Nintendo is also affected by the current problems with the manufacturers despite weaker hardware. Here the production target of the Nintendo Switch also had to be adjusted.

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