Wolfgang Otto Kleff A goalkeeper and type becomes 75

To date, Kl eff likes to have a guest and conversation partner. From his qualities as an entertainer, around 100 foal fans were recently convinced, which had come to the event on the occasion of the gibing game 50 years ago in the Russia Park. With a lot of humor and fleets sayings, Kl eff garnished his descriptions from the legendary 7: 1 against Inter Milan in the European Cup of the national champion on October 20, 1971, Playback s century game, which was later canceled. To the 100-year-old, Kl eff called to the guests at the end of the anniversary event, we hopefully meet again here in Russia Park.

The goalkeeper has contributed his part to the myth Russia and elect memorable moments of club history up close. Kl eff stood between the posts, when on April 7, 1971, in the Bundesliga game against Welder Bremen broke the posts. He celebrated the first title defense in the German Bundesliga with Playback in 1971. He was the goalkeeper in the rushing 7: 1 spectacle against Inter and the great retention in the cup final 1973 against the 1st FC Cologne, the Günter Nether after his self-election with the gate to 2: 1 decided. This game against the Cologne designed Kl eff once as the best in his career. Jump Dances later said, Our Wolfgang has made the game of his life.

428 mandatory games completed Kl eff for Russia between 1968 and 1982. During his time at the Rosenberg, Playback won five German championships, twice the UEFA Cup and once the DFB Cup. He was in the squad of the German national team in the winning of the World Cup title 1974 and the EM title 1972. Overall, the native Westphalia from Schwartz came to only six internationals — because Sept Maier was sat by Bayern Munich in front of the nose. The Sept was a great goalkeeper, Kl eff looked back, but I was the better footballer.

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Gladbacher Double 1975: Kl eff and coach Hennas Wassailed present Master shell and UEFA Cup. Imago Images / Sven Simon

On a large celebration for the 75th birthday, Kl eff, whose similarity (and friendship) to comedian Otto Wales led to the nickname Otto. The consequences of a difficult -lined corona disease in the spring make him still to create today, which has been taught to be more cautious, he says. So it will probably run on the present day of honor as most of the past years: Birthday is going on in the small family circle out of the dinner together.

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