Insider reveals Battlefield 2042 gets 3 patches in the next 3 weeks

According to the insider Tom Henderson Sollebattlefield 2042 already received several updates in the first month after release. He also reveals when they are supposed to come.

Who is that? Tom Henderson is considered industry insider and has repeatedly published information before the official announcement in the past.

He is considered well networked and has just revealed many things in advance with respect to Battlefield 2042. This included, for example, setting, but also numerous information about game modes such as portal or Hazard Zone.

Now he has called alleged release days for three updates, allegedly getting Battlefield 2042 after releasing.

3 updates to Battlefield 2042 in the first month after release?

When should the updates come? Already before Henderson had indicated that Battlefield 2042 should receive a day-1 patch as soon as the game starts on November 19th.

He also lists this now, along with an update for the end of November and early December. Accordingly, the updates should come on the following days:

Day-1 patch on November 19th
Day-10 patch on November 30th

Day-25 patch on December 7th

Henderson turns out that the numbers do not match the days after release, the reasons do not know.

Whether the Day-1 patch may be the update 0.21 already published today, we do not know at the moment. In his tweet, Henderson also indicates that the Day-1 patch may be merged with the second update on 30 November.

Part of this update should be Quality-of-Life improvements.

On December 7, content should then come into play that did not make it to the release. According to Henderson, it is not about new content such as weapons, but things like player stats.

Further details he does not call, so you can only speculate which things could be resolved with the first update in November.

But look at the last days since the start of the early access phase, there would already be a long list of things that needs to be resolved.

Brings the first update to Release the important fixes?

Which fixes are most important for the players? From things that occurred in recent days, some bugs and problems emerge particularly strong:

A big topic is the broken scattering of assault guns.
Players who died can sometimes not be revived or res warden.
Hovercrafts are so surgery that they can easily start up on walls of skyscrapers.
Performance is just bad for PC players and requires some optimization.

Day One Patch Notes

We also already know that DICE has most of these problems on the screen. Specifically, it was already confirmed that you work on the problem with the assault rifles. The hovercrafts, the revival problem and several other things are also on the list.

Whether all these things mentioned are already resolved with the upcoming updates is currently not clear. At the latest morning, the 19th of November we know if there is really a day-1 patch.

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