Overwatch During the problem that the connection is disconnected during play in Japan Find the players cooperation for the cause investigation

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Blizzard Entertainment revealed that the problem occurred in the team action shooter Overwatch (Overwatch) is under investigation.

This work is a topic that the name of the character MCL was talked about Call Cassie in relation to scandals within the company, but it is currently confirmed that the connection to connect during game play in Japan It is said that. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the development team to investigate the cause.

This defect is considered to be difficult to reproduce on the development side because of the occurrence of a specific area and under conditions, and it is called to attach an analysis file that executes MTR (My Trace Route) to the player. Increase. Detailed MTR installation / execution method and network diagnostic tool LOOKING-GLASS usage, etc. are described in the official forum.

Overwatch - *HUGE* New Update SOON! / Bastion Rework / PING System COMING?! / Cross Progression?!

Overwatch is being distributed for PS4 / Nintendo switch /Windows (BATTLE.NET) and overseas Xbox One.

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