The queue only 1 hour Nikke victory goddess explosion of interest

[Data provided: Shift up]

The Winged Victory of Samothrace, Louvre Museum MUST SEE

Through the 2021 Gaeta, the first shift-up on J-Star is the next shot presented at a large-scale booth and gathered visitor. The shift-up was explained that a total of 70 mobile demonstration devices are installed on the booth and explained the experience opportunity for the experience of Nike: victory.

Especially, was a new and demonstrated build-up of a shift-up, especially, and the visitor response was hot. Without a separate event, the queue has occurred for an hour or more, and most of the visitors have been filling with a 20-minute time per person per capita.

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The visitors experiencing the game were the biggest charm of the <Nike: Winning God, the character illustrations and strikes. After the game experience, the shift-up booth is watching the large character illustrations and trailers, and had a pleasant time, including taking pictures in a photo zone that reproduces the game screen.

The Shift-up Type Director said, The goddess of <Nike: Victory is a game that will make the user with the game, and the game will make it expectation to the market unique IP emergence, said the game will be expected to disappoint the support you have shown during the Pupa. I will see you.

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