Ligue 1 Bottle throw punishment for Lyon and ministers

After the bottle throw in the first division game between Olympic Lyon and Olympic Marseille, representatives of politics with responsible French football want to advise themselves.

As the Ministry of Sports Ministers announced the news agency AFP, a corresponding meeting on Beauty Square, the seat of the Ministry of the Interior, should take place on Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Gerald Armani welcomes the Education and Sports Ministers Minister Jean-Michel Banquet, the Sports Ministers Minister Roxana Maracineeanu as well as representatives of the League Association LFP and the French Football Association FFF. The LFP Disciplinary Committee already ordered a penalty for Lyon. The club must play behind closed doors until the promulgation of the final measure, which is expected on 8 December. This concerns the game on December 1st against State Reims.

The game in Lyon was broken off on Sunday evening after a bottle throw on guest player Dimitri Payer after just a few minutes. The 2016 vice-European champion wanted to run a corner when a water bottle thrown out of the audience met him.

That was a black night for football. Dimitri is cared for psychologically. Thats not normal, said a shocked Marseille President Pablo Longoria at Amazon. Nobody who likes football, can be happy. We condemn every form of violence.

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Indicators now well asked

Both teams had gone to the cab after scandal. After more than an hour break, the game should initially be continued. Contrary to announcement, the referee decided not to continue the game as it does not assume the security of players, the stadium spokesman informed the viewers about the demolition for two hours after the incident.

Lyon President Jean-Michel Atlas called the long interruption incomprehensible. The Disciplinary Commission of the League appointed an emergency meeting for Monday.

Ligue 1 needs to take action | Lyon v Marseille suspended after fan hits Dmitri Payet with a bottle

The person who is to be responsible for the litter of the bottle was also arrested according to the stadium speaker. It deals with a single status, it continued. Lyons team had recently come back to the playing field for renewed warm-up, and the guests from Marseille remained closed in the cabin.

French football has been overshadowed by riots for several months. Payer was only hit by a bottle at OGCN ice in August game at OGCN ice, NGC was then deducted a point. Marseille in turn must change his next home game after riots in the game against Paris St. German without viewers.

The game between Nice and Marseille was aborted a good 15 minutes before the end on August 22 and two months later in full length at a neutral place (Troyes) have been repeated without fans.

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