Com2us Kyobo Market Widywick Studio and Metabus Business MOU

[INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM 24 Municipal Reporter] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) announced on the 25th that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (YOU) for Meta Bus Business Cooperation with Kyoto Market (Representative Byeong-hyun),

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Com2us is a Mirror World ‘form of a Mirror World form of Mirror World forms that provide virtual office ▲ shopping and finance, medical services ▲ entertainment, etc. ‘We are developing.

Are you also interested in topics related to Mirror World Games?

The company plans to build various books and phrases that can build a virtual cross-book shopping mall within the Com2novus through this YOU.

The Kyoto Market has reinforced the content projects such as web novel platform ‘Too’, Story Competition based on publications, based on publishing contents, which is leading the cultural contents of Korea, DT (Digital Transformation) work is being promoted highly robust to ensure competitiveness in content business and digital era.

Com2us is a collaboration with the Kyoto Launch, and the Com2QUE users will provide opportunities to share and share good quality cultural life in the virtual world. In addition, through the global metabus platform, the Company, we will inform the user’s excellent books, cartoons, and others in the world, and contribute to the level of phase of K Contents.

Com2us plans to investigate the shares of source IP and transformer content based on the following three companies based on this Convention. We believe that the various content IPs have the various content IPs of the Kyoto Market, combining the excellent games and video production technology of Com2us and Wis wick Studio, and create a variety of crossover content to lead the next generation market.

Com2us said, Following recent CODEX Aquarium, YOU, YOU with the YOU of this Kyoto Launch, and to build a cooperative system with the leading companies in various fields, and to provide a variety of services and content in real reality within the Count Bus platform.

The Representative of the AHN Byung-hyun, who attended the Convention, said, As shown in the success stories of ‘squid game’, our superior content became scalable to the world’s content as a Netflix. As the growth potential of our content industry is greater than ever, it is greater than ever, The success of each of the three companies with each other is cooperated with each other, as well as the success of the three companies, as well as the success of the Korean content industry, I expected, he said.

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