Magdeburg has to do without Brunswick on Br nker

After passing 13 positive corona cases in the team as well as coaches and caregivers last Wednesday, the quarantine was lifted after negative PCR tests on Monday. Even in the evening, Trainer Christian Ritz bat his proteins under floodlight for the first training after the one-week forced break. The players are in the matter like horses from the racing house, who want to go back to the racetrack, so sports chief Omar Short.

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The top game on Saturday against Contract Braunschweig can therefore go on the stage on the stage. The last days were positive, Ritz reported at the press conference on Thursday. The players who had been positively tested are constantly being in medical care and has been extensively studied to respond to no risk.

Broilers suffers muscle phase

Only the re-entry of Kai Brunner was not quite so good. The 27-year-old striker moved in training on Monday at a shot movement a muscle fiber rope in the hip boss and is for the time being. That’s a pity because he was in good condition and helped us well, Nimitz said. The use of Florian Kath is still questionable, while Captain Tobias Müller has to replace the last game of his Robespierre. On the other hand, Raphael Overhear, Alexander Bistro and Maximilian France are used again.

No win against Braunschweig

Braunschweig has spotted well, is consistently in the two-fight guide and in course behavior. In addition, they are physically very strong, dangerous in the switching game and are thus right up in the table, Ritz said to the game against the distinguished fourth.

Against Braunschweig Magdeburg could never win in the previous six comparisons in the Regionally Word or 3. League at three draws. This should now be changed, even if the Ultras wants to restore their voice-effort support according to an announcement from the beginning of the week.

2g at Magdeburg home games

17,300 cards have been sold so far, including 2,000 to Braunschweig. But if there are actually, so many viewers come, is uncertain. Because only on Wednesday, the city’s health assisted that the FCM must complete his home games in the next few weeks in compliance with the 2G rule. Thus, on Saturday in the game against Contract Brunswick can only spectators in the stadium, which are fully vaccinated or recovered. Young people and children under the age of 18 are excluded from the scheme.

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