Christmas is around the corner Solve Nerd Deco now at Black Friday

What would Christmas be distributed without a festively decorated Christmas tree and a little solemn decoration in the apartment or the house? But it does not always have to be so spit like our grandparents. Who says that on the top of the Christmas tree an angel, and no crying angel has to sit? Or Christmas baubles must always be round and boring and the fairy lights can not spine this year in Yoda-green? Correct, no one says. Because who is wholeheartedly a nerd, who does not hide that at Christmas. Therefore, we have picked up a few inspirations with a high nerd factor for the right Christmas decoration.

And thanks to the current Amazon Black Friday some of them are even cheaper than usual. And those who can not do anything with the Nerdy’s stuff, but just remember that he did not have a decoration, for whom we have a few gaaaaaanz classic decorative articles.

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That’s my nerd…, Uh, Christmas tree!

The Christmas tree is the central element of a Christmas decoration. And instead of simple red and golden balls, you can hang so all kinds of fireman.

Why not even instead of bullets a few pink unicorns and flying rainbow hang on the tree? That certainly is not just small children.
Or you prefer the Santa Claus in these hard times a mouth and nasal protection. Whether Santa is probably vaccinated?
An death star Of course, on every Christmas tree is good. In general, Star was full of trend again. For example with dangling storm trolley heads, hanging R2-D2S or the small Grog velvet round transport.
The Mini-Tardis is actually too small to escape the Christmas stress. But we know: It’s Bigger on the Inside!
And if you hang a small crying angel right next to it, no one turns his eyes voluntarily.
The speaking hat Unfortunately, nothing imagines you, but decently reveals that you would rather spend in Hogwarts among the twelve floating Christmas trees.
So that whether Die is slowly a Christmas film or not, one is clarified for all times, hides between all the other decorations a small John McClure in the ventilation shaft.
And if everything does not help and drives the family into the madness, then snaps you, two, twelve the little football, which you have hidden in the tree before. Small, after Christmas baubles-looking liquor bottles.
At the top of the tree, of course, the undergraduate angel. Or in our case rather a biting angel so no dares to be dared to blink only when he looks at our magnificent tree.
At least a just as big eye-catcher is certainly a Darth Vader at the top of your Christmas tree!
Who likes it spiteful….
… That’s just very classic red-white balls to the tree. Has something nice too.
Or rather than golden variant or in subtle bronze depending on the optics of the remaining decoration.

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Fairy lights, socks and what you need at Christmas

But of course not only the Christmas tree can be decorated festive, needing. In other places, you can leave your inner Geek free run.

Instead of normal socks over the fireplace you can hang up a few Rookie socks.
And why doesn’t you replace the fairy lights with a cooler variant?
For example, a chain out Stormtrooper and Vader helmets ?
Or dear small Yoda heads ? There were also louder lined BB-8.
Luminous Hogwarts coat of arms Of course, make you feel good. But only if your Christmas tree can float too.
Under the Christmas tree are the gifts, of course stylish in Marvel superhero wrapping paper.
Or remains with Star Wars motifs ?
And if not in at least one of the gifts this fancy Grog Christmas sweater is in it, then the holidays are no longer saving.
Who likes it spiteful…
… For those there is also very normal fairy lights at the Black Friday.
Where the light curtain definitely likes us better.
There are still a few beautiful Christmas motifs to the windows and festive Christmas socks dressed and finished is the nice party.

And by the way, with Black Friday you even get whole Christmas trees — including lighting. But those who turn into the house, who never loved Christmas!

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