After bottle throw on Payet Lyon broken off against Marseille

Lyon-Marseille Game Abandoned After Dimitri Payet Struck by Bottle
No five minutes were played because it came the first corner of the game to the only and inglorious highlight of the game: Marseilles Dimitri Payer was fueled the standard of Lyon trailers with throwing shots of all kinds when trying to run. First, referee Ruddy Bouquet had played at time and patiently waited for the Failure of OF to calm down.

Crisis session decides restart

When the captain Marseilles finally crisp, but a filled plastic bottle hit him on the head and stretched him to the ground. After minutes of treatment, both teams, including the battered Payer, left the field with the instructions of BOUQUET and moved back into the catacombs. As a result, a dissipation of a club manager, referee graft and representatives of the Ligaverband was held.

This came to the decision to continue the game. However, when only the home team appeared to a renewed warm-up program on the square and Marseille remained in the cabin tract, the game was finally officially aborted after over 90 minutes of interruption. The responsible person has already been identified during the interruption and taken in custody.

Repeated riots in France

Not the first incident of this kind in the Ligue 1. Again and again it came in the recent past to unsightly scenes in the blocks of the Grande Nation, for example when meeting the RC Lens and Lille OSC or in St. Étienne. The fans scene Marseilles is always involved in such riots. Only a few days ago was decided that Marseille had to expect a ghost game after the home game against Paris St. German had come to repeated game interruptions at the end of October due to PSG players.

Payer again the goal

Also, for Payer itself it is not the first encounter of the ugly way: Already on the third match day of the ongoing season he had always been targeted with throwing shots at Derby in Nice. At that time, he took this to a bottle thrown on him to carry back on the grandstand — whereupon rioters out of the Nice Block stormed the place and caused a demolition. There was now also in Lyon.

Over a rating or possible repetition, nothing is known at this early stage, only a sensitive fine for Lyon seems safe.

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