Project Xcloud Clarity Boost Feature presented

Microsoft Company (/ Maɪkɹəˌsɔft ˌkɔɹpəɹeɪʃən/) is a multinational computer system as well as a US micro-computer, established in 1975 by Costs Gates and also Paul Allen. Microsoft is among the major market capitalization of Nasdaq, along with Apple as well as In 2018, the turn-over amounted to $110.36 billion. Since February 4, 2014, she has actually been directed by Satya Nadella that succeeds Steve Ballmer as well as Bill Gates as Supervisor General. In 2020 the company utilizes 148,000 individuals in 120 countries.
Its primary activity is composed in creating as well as selling operating systems, software application and acquired equipment products. The most effective historical vendors are carried by the MS-DOS operating systems and also Windows, and also the Workplace Collection, which currently feed a diversification policy. Windows has gotten to a leading placement on desktop computers, with greater than 90% market share in the globe. Microsoft exists in cloud computer (Azure), Website (Bing online search engine, LinkedIn social network, e-mail), computer game consoles (XBOX) and PC tablets (surface).
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Xbox Cloud Gaming has teamed up with Microsoft Edge to create an improved experience with optimizations that are now available exclusively in the Microsoft Edge Browser and provide optimal appearance and feeling while playing Xbox games from the cloud.

How to try it:

Microsoft Edge Canary Download
To confirm that your Microsoft Edge Canary uses, navigates to Edge: // Settings / Help to ensure that your version 96.0.1033.0 or higher have
To activate Clarity Boost, go to, sign up and starts a game
Open the Additional Actions menu (…)
Select the Activate Clarity Boost option.

New Clarity Boost feature on Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud)

When playing, you should immediately notice the better visual quality. The final version should be published in the coming year.

Microsoft is known: We are pleased to introduce you to Clarity Boost today, one of the latest cloud gaming optimizations available for Microsoft Edge Canary. This feature uses a range of client-side scaling improvements to improve the video stream’s visual quality. Download Microsoft Edge Canary today to try these functions! Clarity Boost will be available until next year for all Microsoft Edge users.

With the Clarity Boost feature for Xbox Cloud Gaming and Project Cloud, games are displayed significantly more fluid and less blurry. To give you a first impression, there is a video that shows the Clarity Boost feature:

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