Call of Duty Warzone Caldera Update also brings gameplay innovations

A few days before the start, Raven Software shows the New Caldera Map of War zone. In a recent entry in the PlayStation blog, the developers promise a new era tactical struggle on massive size. The starting signal takes place on 8 December — first for owners of Call of Duty Vanguard. One day later, all other players start on the new Pacific Island. Let’s start with a dedicated playlist full of new vehicles, the idea of ​​Vanguard weapons and much more. There is a lot to experience when we start another epic year of free content.

Caldera is divided into 15 areas, as a map overview shows waiting for you over 100 Points of Interest. In the Marine Arsenal, for example, you fight through a sprawling harbor, which is located in the north of the card. The developers promise a strategic mix of indoor and outdoor areas with unusual specialties such as the deep dry deck basins and the radar field. In the freshwater lagoon in turn, you make an old lighthouse, which gives you an ideal view over the flat bay and the huts. In the capital of Caldera in turn, historic buildings, a lively city center and yacht clubs and a beach bar.

The New Warzone Caldera Map brings MASSIVE gameplay changes...

Vanguard integration at War zone

With the start of Season 1 on December 8, all players from Call of Duty: War zone (Buy Now €42,01) access to Vanguard content, including 40 weapons, new operators, business cards and more. Between Vanguard and War zone, there will be cross-profession, and you can get up with season prestige and unlock new content in the Battle Pass System, the challenges and in the store for new Vanguard content in both games, the developers write.

In addition to a Vanguard Royale playlist, there is also a one-time only one day valid Rebirth Island playlist for a day. Here you play resurgence and mini royale. Thereafter, everything becomes Caldera, the developers write. And on, During this season, Featured Playlists will mean the return to Rebirth Island for Resurgences and other game modes, and there will be new temporally limited modes for Caldera like Vanguard Plunder, Vanguard Resurgence and other festive surprises.

Innovations at War zone

Gulag : If you win a match in Gulag, you return to the equipment on the card that has had you before the duel.

Balancing adjustments : To start the Caldera map, the developers, among other things, Dead Silence, while Stopping Power Rounds disappear. Adjustments also learn Stun Grenades, Heartbeat Sensors and Cowhand Melee Weapons. Buffs are again planned for lethal and tactical equipment.

Adjustments of the speed : Loadout Drop Markers only gets you from buying stations when the Loadout drop event is pausing in the game. That makes it more important to collect the Loot in the game.

Changes in gas masks : With the start of the new War zone chapter, gas masks should not interfere as many activities as before. In addition, the Season gas canister brings withdrawing in an explosion of toxic gases in a small radius.

New contracts and events : There are new contracts such as Supply Drop Contract and the Big Game Bounty. Public events like Restock and Resurgences from Rebirth Island also come to Caldera, the developers promise.

Flat water : The areas of the lagoon enable new gameplay. So it gets harder to see the footprints of the opponents. In addition, the fire-based equipment gives smoke when you drive through water.

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