You will scare if you see who next to Twitch on YouTube

The Streamer Moistcr1Tikal manifests itself to the current change from Twitch Streamer Ludwig to the competitor YouTube. He explains the background of the change and says that soon more streamer will change. And apparently some key streamers of the platform.

That’s the situation:

Twitch is by far the market leader in live-streaming. During the Corona pandemic, the spectator numbers are further exploded. Amazon purchased Twitch for $970 million in 2014 and proves to be worthwhile investment. In 2020, the streaming service has made 2.3 billion-US dollar sales. 20 times more than in 2016 (via businessofapps).
But YouTube and Facebook have now also discovered live-streaming for themselves. Especially YouTube Wander regularly at Twitch and advertises streamers and streamers who have made a name for themselves on Twitch. It is attracted with multi-year exclusive contracts. Streamer speak of it, YouTube Winkle with money that changing life.
Now became known that the Twitch Streamer Ludwig changes to YouTube. That’s a big number.

Twitch pays about 10 times less than the competition

This is how a streamer assesses the situation: The Twitch Streamer Moist Cross often deals with Twitch themes. He talks about how it came to that someone like Ludwig changes and gives an insight behind the scenes.

As the streamer says, of course, money is a factor. Twitch pays about a tenth of what most other providers offer to contract. Moist Cross refers to the numbers on insights he has because he manages other content creator.

He says Twitch’s pay unironic about a tenth.

So if you see people change the platform, the most of the time is the money.

Ludwig wanted donation limit on his channel — Twitch leaned desire

The streamer explains that in the case of Ludwig, something else was left.

He says Ludwig had requested a favor from Twitch. They should set a limit, how much money can donate his viewers on Ludwig’s channel. Ludwig has a guilty conscience when fans donate too much and wanted to limit them. A similar donation limit has Primate.

But Twitch had rejected this wish round out of them.

Twitch believes you have a monopoly

For MoistCr1TICAL, this setting of Twitch, do not respond to steamer, an important reason why many changes:

Twitch believes they hold a monopoly, so they do not mind losing Ludwig. Twitch must understand that most people want to stay on Twitch.

The streamer says he loves Twitch, Ludwig love Twitch, but Twitch must also show that one fights for the streamer. Otherwise, it is really hard to stay with the platform.

Ludwig is after all the streamer on Twitch, who earns the sixth most on the platform, and Twitch had not been ready to fight for him.

How does that continue? MoistCrazititivity says, internally, under streamers is a giant theme.

Many streamers talk to each other, whether they will change the platform. Some have decided. I think a lot of you will scare yourself when you see the next few, leave the twitch.

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Who would be the worst losses for Twitch? Much worse than Ludwig is hardly going. The even larger category is actually only QC. Of the controversy streamers, YouTube has actually spaced a distance so far, one has rather friendly streamers as Timthatman, Drupe or Valkyrie.

Even DISRESPECT streams yes without exclusive contract on YouTube.

Hurting would certainly be the loss of twitch virgins such as Summit1g, Shroud or Sodapop. Even the loss of streamers standing for diversity, such as Primate or Myth, would be painful.

Where there is doubt how Ernst Twitch takes the topic Diversity.

DISGUISED TOAST complained otherwise that as Americans with Asian origin, he also served a target group on Twitch — but he was told by Twitch, one would have a faker under contract, which Disguised Toast was completely stunned took note. The Lol-Star does not even talk about English, you can not pack in the same category as it.

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