Cities Skyline VR version CITIES VR announced I look into my city in every corner

In the Showcase Event Upload VR Showcase-Winter 2021 held late at midnight, CITIES: VR for VR of the city creation game CITIES series is announced at the Showcase event Upload VR Showcase-Winter 2021 held at midnight. Yes.

In this work, we aim to adapt Cities: Skylines to VR currently on sale, and aim for new players, and aim for a new challenge for veteran players And it is. This work is scheduled to be released 2022 for Oculus Quest 2.

Development is responsible for Fast Travel consisting of Radio’s former developer of Battlefield series and Angry Birds. The studio has been working with Apex Construct, The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets, Budget Cuts 2, Wraith: The Oblivion-Afterlife.

Upload VR Winter Showcase | Watchalong LIVE with Without Parole | 12 noon EST

Online Code | PC Cities Skylines Deluxe Edition Cities Skyline Deluxe Edition Steam Edition Japanese Teaching Manual




【PS4】 Cities: Skyline PlayStation 4 Edition



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