The Dragon Age 4 update has good and bad news

A new update about Dragon Age 4 has been shared by BioWare and EA, and has good and bad news. The bad news is that the game will not be at The Game Awards 2021 next week. As you remember, the game was first revealed in 2018, at The Game Awards. Looking to this year’s program, it has been speculated that the game will raise your head again, but it turns out that this speculation is out of place. Today, the mentioned torque provided a new update on the game, and although this update does not mention The Game Awards 2021, it does not point out that there will be no Dragon Age 4 we speak until next year. What are the good news? Well, on the one hand, we will learn more about the game next year, but the best news is that BioWare reiterates that the game is an experience focused on a single player. In other words, the series does not go through the live service route or the multiplayer, at least not yet.

Speaking of building new worlds and stories so that the explores, we want everyone to know that we are still working hard to build the next one-player Age, said BioWare. We are excited about next year when we can talk more about what we are working.

BioWare's MESS: Dragon Age 4 Director GONE!

In the same update, BioWare thanked its fans and pointed out that support is what inspires the team as they continue to explore the dragon universe.

We are continually amazed by the passionate, diverse, inspiring and creative community that has joined us to join us in the land of Thetas, BioWare said. We are honored by the way you have expanded and celebrated the world of Dragon Age. From fascinating fan fiction, beautiful characters and avant-garde cosplay to thematic weddings, birthdays, tattoos and even names of babies, the world of thetas has spread beyond the games and now is your own living breathing enhanced by all of you. We can not thank them enough for their continued support and love for the franchise. It is what inspires us every day to continue building new worlds, characters and stories to explore «.

Dragon Age 4 currently does not have a launch date, a launch window or platforms. All we know is that it is still quite far, which means that it probably will not be a cross-generation launch.

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