Battlefield 2042 The last major update for this year

And again a new patch is joined. Update 3.1 in Battlefield 2042, among other things, the criticized faulty hit registration will be corrected when firing — again. In addition, fans may look forward to many bug fixes and changes.

What is in the update 3.1?

Last week, the update 3, which was strongly 150 bug fixes and optimized the hit recognition. Also in Update 3.1, which has been live since today, continued work on the unprecedented hit registration.

Furthermore, developer DICE conducted further balancing changes to the scattering of balls and the weapon return. The cannons of certain soil vehicles were also revised to reduce their effectiveness against infantry.

A rare, but still critical bug, through the player became invisible, should also be resolved with Update 3.1. In addition, bugs were fixed in connection with grenades and willers. The patch also provides multiple audio improvements, facilitating the disabling of Crossly on the Xbox and finally corrects the multi-criticized loadOut bug.

The entire list of all fixes and changes can be found on the official site to Battlefield 2042. (Source: EA)

Today the weekly missions live. After completing these missions, your cosmetic rewards will receive.

Battlefield 2042 NEW UPDATE REVEALED...
The future of Battlefield

Update 3.1 is the last patch for this year. Further improvements should follow in early 2022. Battlefield 2042 is always better and more stable, which was necessary after the catastrophic start.

In addition to Battlefield 2042, EA plans to further expand the shooter brand. The responsibility of the titanium case founder Vince Capella should be responsible for a new studio with the Halo Veteran Marcus Lento at the top. A Battlefield game for mobile devices is expected to appear next year.

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