Metroid Dread fans are celebrating the victory of the Game Awards tonight

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During The Game Awards 2021, metro id Dread took home the best action game and adventures of the year. Immediately after the announcement, the fans of the Nintendo Switch game went to social networks to share their happiness for the result. The last of Mercury steam is the first Metro id game in completely original 2D in 19 years, so fans expect victory to generate a greater interest in the series. That could also mean less waiting for the next Metro id game, but that could also depend on the financial performance of the game!

For those who have not yet played the game, Metro id Dread takes the classic 2D game by which the series is known since 1986, but it incorporates a series of new elements. In particular, the game adds a little survival horror, since Camus is forced to face the new EMMA opponents. The game received a strong reception of the criticism, receiving a score of five over five Readers can consult that review right here.

Keep reading to see what the fans say. Metro id Dread!

Many Metro id fanatics are happy with victory!

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It is good to see the games that deserve it rewarded.

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Metroid Dread WINS Best Action Adventure @ The Game Awards!

Fans are happy for MercurySteam.

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Victory could even convince some players to try it!

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Nintendo really surprised fanatics with the game.

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Dread has found a passionate fan base!

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That’s all that some fans wanted the program.

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has been a good night.


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