Trove The snowfest are quests and rewards

It is the snowiest time of the year and Amigo has many gifts for the players of his voxel MMOs Trove. Until 28th of December, the snowiest takes place and Trojans can get new quests in the next two weeks, a new mini-game and many new rewards.

The snowiest of Trove transforms the stroke into a winter wonderland with snow, wrapped gifts and lots of Christmas decoration scattered everywhere. As soon as Trojans have gone for a walk in our winter wonderland, they can participate in a number of new winter quests and collections to get some cool rewards.

These gifts include the gardener and tundra champion skins, new allies such as Little ‘Phillip II, Prancing Present, Rudy and Mopes, the Ice Cart Mag rider, the Riding TRIVIAL Express and the Banner of the gift generator.

For Trojans who want to prove their pitching arms, the bomber Royale Winter Edition mode is the perfect place. This rapid and fast snowball battle will put players in Christmas mood when they dodge the attacks, duck, dip, dive and dodge while leaving their own frosty litters. Just think about the golden rule in snowball battles — no ice beads!

As this season is known to give the time of giving, Providers can go to the donation station to donate resources for the common good. Great players can do some great goodies in addition to the warm feeling to do something good.

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