2 178 yen PC version Grabble Versas significantly lowered Update Ver2 70 is also delivered today

Games, Arc System Works, Seed Games, have significantly reduced the price of the steam version of the fighting game Grand Blue Fantasy Versus.

This work is based on the world of animated graphics based on the world of RPG Grand Blue Fantasy that Games is developing for smartphones from 2014. Jointly developed with arc system works known in the Guilty Gear series.

The previous price was 7,679 yen, but with this price reduction, a price reduction of about 5,500 yen to ¥2,178 yen is held. Legendary editions with DLC characters and main parts are also sold for 6,578 yen.

Also, Very 2.70 update is also delivered from today. New Playable Characters Villa Avatar Burial and scenarios to RPG mode are being added. Please see the official site for details.

Grand Blue Fantasy Vases Official Settings Materials Collection

YEM 2.8.1 - problem with loading content slowly, comparison with V2.7.0 (Yamaha Expansion Manager)



Death Karl Love ~ Granule Fantasy ~



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