The creator of Silent Hill speaks of a possible remake

Resident Evil 4 is a survival scary third-person shooter game created by Cap com Manufacturing Studio 4 as well as published by Cap com. It was originally launched for the Gamete in 2005. Players control United States federal government special representative Leon S. Kennedy, that is sent on an objective to save the United States head of state’s child Ashley Graham, that has been kidnapped by a cult. In a country component of Europe, Leon fights crowds of villagers contaminated by a mind-controlling parasite, and rejoins with the spy Ada Wong.
Development began for PlayStation 2 in 1999. Four suggested variations were thrown out; the first attempt was directed by Hide Kamila after producer Shinji Miami. In a separation from the repaired video camera angles and slower survival horror gameplay of previous Resident Evil games, the group concentrated on creating more vibrant capturing activity.
Resident Evil 4 was revealed as a Gamete exclusive as part of the Cap com 5, however was ported to various styles, ending up being a cross-platform hit, selling greater than 11 million copies throughout all platforms. It amassed global acclaim for its tale, gameplay, graphics, voice performing, and characters, and also is typically called among the very best computer game ever made, winning multiple Game of the Year awards in 2005. It affected the development of the survival scary as well as third-person genres, popularizing the over-the-shoulder third-person view. A sequel, Resident Evil 5, was released in 2009.

Silent Hill is a game that has been sleeping for a while. There is a hunger for the great fans of the franchise, and that probably only increased with the remakes of Resident Evil and their successes in recent years. The franchise Silent Hill is one of the great horror games and something that any fan would like to play, with its haunting atmosphere, its slow revelations and its nascent horror.

Panchito Obama, one of the spirits behind Silent Hill during his original creation, talked about the possibility of a remake of Silent Hill and his probability or probability.

Other is not a game of action where you can simply refine the action as in Biohazard. To submit Silent Hill to current standards or refine graphics, fans would not be satisfied. It was not that it was — how beautiful it was. I think we should rethink the concept to make it interesting for fans.

Obama is a very good point. This popular horror game, despite what happened in subsequent versions, has never been designed to focus on combat. In fact, in some versions of the games, kill too many enemies would mean that you would get the wrong end.

And also, in order to modernize a game Silent Hill, there are several considerations to take into account. It’s not just the modern play style and what current players are waiting for the game. There is also the mix of taking what has done a success in the past and know what has aged well and this who has not aged well. Obama, for his part, knows perfectly this formula for video games.

Company movies, games are hard to appreciate as in the state of origin, said Obama in an interview with NGC. Evidence because of the platform, but over time, play mechanisms, especially in terms of conviviality, lack rationality and sophistication. Visually speaking, it is clearly not made for modern equipment, so I have absolutely no objection to modifying an original essence to adapt it to the modern era in which we live today.

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Visually, it is possible to create a remake of Silent Hill; If possible with INAMI staff is unknown. It is unlikely that Obama will be part of the project because he is currently working with his own studio, both.

For the moment, the fans of Silent Hill may have to cross your fingers and try to find another game to scrape this itch while waiting.

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