It is already safe to use the Quick Resume with Halo Infinite

Last week, 343 Industries recommended to users of Xbox Series X | S not to use the Quick Resume function while playing the campaign of Halo Infinite, this because it could Cause problems with the progression system and cosmetic accessories for the section multiplayer. Well, this problem was already solved, and it is already safe to use this again.

Yesterday a small update was launched for Halo Infinite, which weighs little less than 1 GB and solves several errors related to the aforementioned section. According to 343i, Quick summarizes should no longer block the progression of the game, in addition to all the accessories that you had previously unlocked for the multiplayer should already be reflected in your account.

Similarly, your authors promise that with this hotfix will be much more reliable consistent unlocking achievements in Halo Infinite, since previously users reported that, despite fulfilling the requirements to achieve some achievement, it did not unlock but until Long after.

PSA: Don't Use Xbox Quick Resume With Halo Infinite Right Now | GameSpot News
Editor’s note: It is good to know that 343i is being constant with the updates and patches for Halo Infinite. Recall that many of these changes were not foreseen but even after Christmas, but their developers preferred to fix things before going on vacation.

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