SCR Altach separates coach Damir Canadi

The SCR Attach announces the exemption from head coach Amir Canada. The 51-year-old had returned to Attach only in February.

After 18 laps of the current season, the SCR Attach stands at the end of the table of the Austrian Bundesliga. Three wins and four draws are compared to eleven defeats last autumn. Canada is now released as the Altars report on Friday. The successor should be determined until the training start on the 7th of January.

The previous season we all presented ourselves differently and see the responsibility for all parties involved. The release of Amir Canada is a decision that will not fall us, but we do not like the development of the last weeks and months as the right one for the club Evaluate SCR Attach. We want to use the winter break to find a successor in a timely manner, which then has enough time to prepare the team on the upcoming games and set new impulses, says Werner Grabber, sporty ladder.

The developments of the last few months show us that we also have to set new impetus at the team. Each player should reflect the past few weeks for themselves again. Under the new coach every single must re-prove itself again, and we expect a reaction here too to bundle the forces and give everything to achieve our athletic goals, continues grabward.

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Managing Director Christoph Liable also commented on Canad is: The decision to change the coach hurts enormously. Amir Canada was our coach in the most successful period of the Attach club history and returned in February in a difficult situation he with his team has mastered sovereign. Unfortunately, the development has not been in the desired direction in recent months, so after a comprehensive analyzing autumn, we have made the decision to re-occupy the position of the Chef Trainer in winter. I want to be at Amir, the For the last day has given everything, thank you for his commitment and wish him all the best on his other way.

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