Sherlock Holmes Chapter One First Story DLC Beyond A Joke brings new mission

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Frog wares completed and published the first of three major bonus story enhancements for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

In this Story mission, which is more than 1 hour, Sherlock must compete against a master thief, which has on the super-rich of Cordon and does this with shameless zeal and open mockery.

The quest is activated by listening in Grand Sarah. The second main quest (a gilded cage) must already be completed.

The content Beyond A Joke is available today at 18:00 for all owners of the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Season Pass and the Deluxe Editions available or can be purchased separately for 4.99 euros. The DLC also contains two additional cosmetic costumes for Sherlock.

The next two planned story missions are planned for early 2022 and turn Sherlock’s brother Mycroft and a mysterious shadow figure, only known as M,

Frog wares has recently confirmed that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are still polished, and the team has a publication window of Q1 2022’s eye.

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