Mass Effect 5 New roleplay definitely with the Unreal Engine 5

Mass Effect 3 is the name of the activity duty computer game created by BioWare as well as published by Electronic Arts that is the third as well as last of the trilogy initiated by Mass Effect. The video game has actually had a synchronized launch for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 as well as later on Wii U.

Which engine is used in the development of the new role-playing game Effect 5? This question has been in the room for some time, now there is probably a definitive answer. This does not come from a leader or insider, but directly from the developer studio bioware.

Where does the new info come to Mass Effect 5?

Breton Holmes, one of the producers for the next mass effect episode, recently reported speaking Via Twitter. There he referred to some current job advertisements of Bioware, which are in direct connection with Mass Effect 5. It is also very clear from the Unreal Engine the speech. Currently the developer studio is looking for new programmers and other employees, among other things.

Bioware introduces talented programmers with experiences around the Unreal Engine 4 / Unreal Engine 5. Come on, comes into our team and works with us the next mass effect game.

Not quite surprising

By the way, this message does not occur completely unexpected. Already in the summer of this year, rumors came for the first time, which, according to Bioware released in the development of Mass Effect 5 allegedly puts on the Unreal Engine 5. With the statement of Breton Holmes, these speculations have now been confirmed.

Thus, the developer team is very conscious against the use of the frostbite engine, which was already used with Mass Effect Andromeda, among other things. However, until we get first material from the next mass effect episode, we have to practice something in patience. According to current rumors, is not expected with a release before 2025.

Source: Twitter

Mass Effect 5: TGA trailer with first scenes to the new role-play

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