Pok mon Go Community Day Januar 2022

New Year’s Day is an event observed in many of the world on 1 January, the first day of the year in the modern Gregorian calendar. 1 January is also Brand-new Year’s Day on the Julian schedule, yet this is not the exact same day as the Gregorian one. Whilst many solar schedules (like the Gregorian and Julian) begin the year on a regular basis at or near the northern winter season solstice, cultures that observe a unipolar or lunar schedule commemorate their New Year’s Day (such as the Chinese New Year and also the Islamic New Year) at less fixed factors family member to the solar year.
In pre-Christian Rome under the Julian calendar, the day was devoted to Janus, god of entrances and also beginnings, for whom January is additionally called. From Roman times up until the middle of the eighteenth century, the brand-new year was celebrated at various phases and in numerous components of Christian Europe on 25 December, on 1 March, on 25 March and also on the movable feast of Easter.
In the here and now day, with a lot of countries currently using the Gregorian schedule as their civil calendar, 1 January according to that schedule is amongst one of the most well known public vacations in the world, usually observed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year begins in each time zone. Other worldwide New Year’s Day traditions consist of making New Year’s resolutions and also calling one’s loved ones.

If you want to properly dust the Pokémon Go Community Day January 2022, then you should take your time on January 16, 2022, between 11:00 and 17:00 hours; By the way, this is Sunday. For Community Day Sea hops appear more frequently in the wilderness and his final development Wallies learns two special attacks. Shiny hunters definitely turn hunting, Mutative players rather less because of Wallies — and more because of the XP bonus, which will be active for a whopping six hours.

Pokémon Go Community Day January 2022

The following details for the community day in January 2022 are interesting for you:

The Community Day January 2022 starts on January 16, 2022, at 11:00 clock and ends at 5:00 pm on the same day. The exclusive attacks can learn Wallies until 19:00 on 16.01, 2022.
Sea hops appears increasingly in the wild and can be caught with happiness as a shiny.
Wallies, to Sejong the final development of sea pops, learns the exclusive loading attack Ice Peer and the exclusive instant attack powder snow.
As part of the event, there’s the Triple Fang XP for Pokémon.
Lock modules and smoke adhere to three hours during the event.
Makes snapshots to be surprised.
In the shop you can buy a community day box once for 1,280 poke coins, which contains 50 hyperballs, 5 super-breeding machines, 5 lucky eggs and a top instant TM.
In addition, in the shop is a free box with 30 hyperballs available — get you before the event ends!

Special Research on the Community Day: The Sp heal Deal

For 0.99 euros you can unlock exclusive special research for the community day with sea pops: The Sp heal Deal! The German title is not yet known. Furthermore, there is also not officially all the steps and rewards of special research, but the past solo-pokémon community Days are rarely very different. That’s why we have an overview of the interpolated tasks and rewards on See mops Special Research. We adapt the information as soon as special research is available in the game.

The Sp heal Deal — Step 1/4

Use 10 POWER-UPS at Pokémon — Reward: 15 x Poke Ball
Start 15 Sea hops — Reward: Encounter with Sea pops
Land 5 good litters — Reward: 20 See mops -Bonbons

Reward for completion of step 1: 2,000-star dust, 1 x smoke, encounter with sea pops

The Sp heal Deal — Step 2/4

Fear 15 Sea hops — Reward: 30 Sea hops -Bonbons
Send 10 Pokémon — Reward: Encounter with Sejong
Develop 3 Sea hops — Reward: 10 x Wannabee

Reward for completion of step 2: 1,500 experience points, 1 x smoke, encounter with sea pops

The Sp heal Deal — Step 3/4

Land Three Grand Curveball Surfers — Reward: 50 Sea pops -Bonbons

Develop a Sejong — Reward: 1 x starch
Send 10 Pokémon — Reward: 15 x Super ball

Reward for completion of step 3: 2,500 Experience points, 1 x Rocket Radar, 15 x Hyperball

The Sp heal Deal — Step 4/4

Automatically done — Reward: 2 x Silver Wannabee
Automatically done — Reward: Encounter with sea pops
Automatically done — Reward: 3,500 Experience points

Reward for completion of step 4: 3,000-star dust, 2 x special bonbon, encounter with Wallies

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