If you say What is RTA After Christmas enjoy RTA in Japan Winter 2021 together

Everyone, that time has come again this year… so, RTA in Japan Winter 2021 !

This time, I am planning to hold online for six days from December 26 to December 31, and you can see a lot of wonderful runs this time.

In this article, What is RTA? What do you do says that the basic question is briefly described while saying that the basic question is briefly explained? Let’s all enjoy one big event that starts! It will be an article. If you have already seen the past RTA in JAPAN, I think only the information you know, so it is a check of the schedule now!

RTA in Japan’s viewing is from this page of Twitch.

The official site of this event is here. Please check the time schedule from here.

(The contents of this article are basically based on the previous RTA in Japan, which was held in summer of 2021. Please note that there will be some changes in time.)

RTA is an abbreviation Real Time Attack, and is not the time-of-game time etc., but it is not a time to play and clear the game. SPEEDRUN.COM is decided to start measurement and measurement end of each game, basically, to measure the time along this.

By the way, there is also a word that says TAS, which is here abbreviation of Tool-Assisted Speedup. Using various tools, we realize the theoretical fastest play of the game, but humans include realistic operations, and in that respect it can be said to be the opposite of the RTA. If TAS is a challenge to the limit of the game itself, RTA may be a challenge to human limits.

RTA in Japan is originally held at the event that started with the event Games Done Quick (GDP) that is conducted in the United States, and it was held every summer and winter (end) Is. The answer if it is questioned by the event to do concretely is Playing the game (RTA good people ‘play (RTA good people) will see in real time ).

Now it is delivering games at various video delivery sites. Among them, there are many popular SPIDER RAN (Time Attack) in live delivery, but of course there are many attractions because it is live delivery. If it is normal delivery, If you make a mistake and try to do it from the beginning, RTA in Japan has to clear it in advance in the time you December in advance, so time is a safe route of one that falls slightly It is also necessary to take a decision when you need to judge or make a big mistake.

RTA in Japan’s videos are later uploaded to the video delivery site, but it can be said that the attraction you look at live delivery, including these points.

In addition, from the last trig, the ring fit adventure RTA, what more than 180,000 viewers are more than 180,000! The number of accommodates in Tokyo Dome is 55,000, so the 31 Tokyo Dome is full of people, and all the audiences have seen a single appearance of the game. Is this very great?

RTA in Japan is charity event operated by volunteer staff. Aiming for the early end of the new Corona, donations to Cordless medical team will be held.

During the broadcast, we will notify how to donate directly to Bordered Doctors or announce the donation amount, and add part of the cost by subscribing the RTA in Japan channel on Twitch. ( Makes a cute stamp can also be used! ). In addition, the invincible time of the online shop can also purchase official goods. This also donates some purchases.

Of course, donation is not forced. However, I thought that I had a lot of fun time, I thought, I want something to commemorate immediately after RTA in Japan, and I bought some official goods. Actually, while I’m writing this, I’m writing a drink with a drink with a purchased RTA in Japan tumbler. It is not worrying about what the brush is getting faster as if it became an RTA runner. (It is an individual’s impression)

As I wrote above, all RTA in Japan staff are volunteer. People who love RTA provide their time and technology for those who love RTA. Sometimes a little of the screens and even if the audio is not connected well, a word of ate hat off immediately. If you are looking at people who are looking at volunteers, we will watch warm and watching… I think that is a wonderful and enjoyable atmosphere at this event.

Well, a little talk is back, but all RTA runs are category. For the rules of the run, for example, Glitchless (no bug) 100% (clear all elements in the game) True Ending (true ending) exists. There are many things that can be understood if you read, and you will explain the category before running, so there is no problem at all in the viewing of RTA in JAPAN. If it is the most common Any, it is a goal because it is a goal because it is a goal of, so it’s okay if you do not know the screen well, and you do not know the screen well. And for that purpose, how to use a Hot plate will appear to appear…

Of course, it is very different depending on each individual whether it’s interesting or interesting, but in RTA in Japan, there is a reason that RTA of the game you do not know is a reason that you think funny!. It is General’s existence.

In RTA in Japan, each game is a runner (person to play) and commenters (the game without commentary will do the role of the commentary while running the runner. The commenters are often the RTA of the same game, and the knowledge of the game is also possible, and it seems that only RTA runners can not know (such as techniques and bug techniques specialized in RTA) Know and explain the viewers in an easy-to-understand manner.

If you have a game that has been played, there may be a person who thinks that I know it is clear even if it is not commented, but RTA is usually different from normal play, so No commentary It may not be understood that I do not know what happens. In addition, the commentary is quite careful, so you can enjoy it just by listening to that talk. When viewing RTA in Japan, you can listen to the runner’s play screen, as well as seeing your ears!

RTA in Japan is lived in Twitch and can be watched free of charge. If it is an environment where Twitch is seen, even TVs, PCs, computers can also be seen from your smartphone. Therefore, there is no need to prepare something special.

Of course, if you buy drinks and sweets and instant foods that can be made immediately, it is recommended that you can minimize your eyes from the screen. Friends, Family, Couple Seeing with Couples, Even if you look at it alone, there may be comments on Twitch, and you may have a comment such as many parties.

However, there is only one thing that you prepare in advance… it’s Time schedule for you! RTA in Japan is not possible to see everything live because of the event that takes place at night without breaking the break (Please stop it asleep if you get sleepy). I missed the running runs from the video distribution site later, so I would like to find out the time of the game you want to see by live delivery and make a schedule.

I’m busy with my Christmas, I’m not particularly planned, please rest assured! RTA in Japan Winter 2021 is from December 26! Couple and ICA cute You too, you haven’t Christmas this year too, let’s feel free to enjoy RTA in JAPAN together!

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