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Sega has built a special gaming PC. Because that is not only powerful, but can also drive through the area. Mango introduces you the crazy PC.

That’s why it’s: If you think of the world’s fastest gaming PC, you will certainly come to a PC that will be under a desk that is quoted under a desk and just has infinite a lot of power. Only recently had an expert tested which processor is the fastest for gaming.

But now manufacturer Sega has introduced a very special gaming PC. Because this PC can drive on wheels through the area. Sega refers to the PC itself as a worldwide fastest gaming PC — and faster should not be a computer on the road.

Gaming PC on wheels creates 100 kilometers per hour

Sega himself had posted the gaming PC on wheels on Twitter. Here you can look at how the gaming PC is racing via a racetrack. At the edge are persons who measure the speed of the computer on wheels:

The fewest of you would probably leave your expensive gaming hardware with 100 km kilometers through the area.

This is in the gaming PC: The specs of the gaming PC can be seen quiet. So Sega sets a combination of Intel and AMD for his crazy construction on wheels:

Incidentally, you can also win the crazy gaming PC. If you want to take part in it, however, you have to live in Japan. German users can only watch.

If you have interest in a gaming PC with Radon RX 6900 AT, then look here. Because my machine is currently receiving computer, where AMD’s fastest graphics card is currently being installed. Only on the wheels do you have to do without.

Crazy Gaming PC is advertising for the winter Sale on Steam

The Fastest Gaming PC is now AMD!

Why does Sega do something? Behind the witty action is of course a purpose. Because Sega wants to wake up with the project attention to the current Steam Sale. So Sega points out in the last seconds of the spots on his sale and explains in another Twitter post, which PC games are all compatible with the raging hardware.

If you are interested in more info and news about the current winter SALE on Steam: The best-selling game on Steam has not yet appeared and the people buy. Random introduces you the game and also explains why it all buy:

One of the best-selling games on Steam 2021 has not even appeared

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