FIFA 22: A user discovers a trick to mark all the goals, is it infallible?

Normally, in each season, and based on hours and hours, players discover almost infallible methods to mark goal in FIFA 22, which are repeated to the satiety to put into an advantage in the marker. Usually, they are technical defects that take advantage of their favor to win; since for some is the only thing that is worth. Now, it seems that it has been discovered how to score goals in each launch and not fail practically never.

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In the Reddit forums, a user called Liver-King has published a video with the evidence that, using the formula he has found, he marks practically all the goals of failure. You can see it below.

As you can see, basically what he does is put the score at the rival goalkeeper’s feet and execute a powerful shot ; Especially practical if you have players with precision and power releasing direct free. It marks several so many, so it is evidenced that it is a technique with a very high effectiveness.

The author of the video indicates in the comments that, for the execution makes a Knuckle Shot, which is basically moving the right stick up, then down and after the shot, again upwards. Also, if possible, put the green indicator by pressing the shooting button just before jugging.

You can try it and tell us in the comments if this technique is effective or not.

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