Sega Sammys CEO takes note of NFT hostile reactions

As introduced last spring, SEGA has actually currently devoted to advertise NFT based on its history and also franchise business., But the integration of the blockchain or NFT in its games is one more tale.

In the retranscription of this meeting held on December 14, the leader bears in mind of the unfavorable responses manifested by some individuals that the NFTs begin to be attracted a little as well near to the video games or perhaps that these Last wind up soaking the idea. On this point, Kabuki Satori means to calm the video game: nothing is chosen at this phase concerning the production of video games play-to-earn, these video games like axis Infinity or Dogma who rely on an economy permitting the gamer to win from the Real cash by collecting tokens recorded on a blockchain.

While Sega had amongst the first publishers to communicate his passion in NFTs from last spring, the chief executive officer of the Kabuki Satori Group showed some caution when to state the based on investors.


We require to meticulously examine lots of elements, as how to reduce the downsides, to what extent NFTs work with Japanese regulations, which will be approved and what will not be by individuals. We will certainly think once more., if that goes in the feeling of our objective that is to develop regularly as well as to astound forever. If it is perceived as a simple means to make money, I would like to make the decision not to go more, Comment Kabuki Satori, which seems extra cautious than his peer from Square Enix.

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