A Starfield thematic smartwatch is filtered

We are all very excited about the launch of Star field at the end of this year. The next RPG of Bethesda will take us to outer space, an environment that had previously never been explored by these developers. It seems that the setting of this game will also reach the real world, because the community believes having found a possible track about its collection edition.

Via Reddit , the user known as Squiddyvonn published a few images of a thematic smartwatch of Star field . Later he also shared a user manual for this accessory, which is being created by The Wand Company.

The user manual also shows us a few additional images of this watch, including some of its functions and how is it that the accessory works. Mention is also mentioned by a climate widget.

Interestingly, The Wand Company also worked previously with Bethesda , particularly at Pip-Boy Fallout Kit. That is, this Smartwatch could belong to the collection edition of Star field .

Star field The consoles Xbox and PC on November 11, 2022.

Editor’s note: Considering that Star field is one of the most important Xbox launches this year, it is highly likely to debut along with several special editions. Now that Bethesda is already part of Microsoft, surely they will be improving the quality and contents of these editions, and a Smartwatch sounds like an expensive, but good way to do it.

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