New needs to stay outside! Sales stop for Final Fantasy 14 continues to be active

The responsible person at Square Enix is ​​serious with the server problems and waiting times for Final Fantasy 14 , which are escalated after the launch of the end-wobby expansion, to get under control. The best proof of this rendered the Japanese developer and publisher in mid-December 2021: For the first, the physical and digital sales of the Starter Edition and Complete Edition of Final Fantasy 14 was stopped . The registration for the free trial version also temporarily issued Square.

Entry ban for Korea


But what about the picture now, in mid-January 2022? Well, queues are still available when logging in almost the entire day (at least on the servers on which we have tried it), even if they do not fail so long, as in December 2021. When selling the sales stop and the trial restriction but nothing done.

If you call the official website of the Free Trial version, then you will continue to be communicated to you:

Free Te’s version currently not available
Due to the continuing utilization of the Server of Final Fantasy XIV, the registration for the free trial and the download was temporarily suspended.

It looks similar on the official sales channel for the Starter Edition and the Complete Edition. Only players who already have Final Fantasy 14 (Buy €25.98) can currently purchase the final Bobby enlargement. Those who want to go to Korea for the first time, thus still looks into the tube — that is unfortunately also valid for the version, which is at our FFI special issue . But this is not only for interested players annoying, as Square Enix is ​​also likely to leave a lot of money through the sales stop. As soon as the sales stop is canceled, you will learn it of course here on end-wobby expansion

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