Final Fantasy Vii Remake: Now I understand why you fall in love with Midgar

Final Fantasy VII is a 1997 role-playing video game developed by Square for the PlayStation console. It is the seventh main installation in the Final Fantasy collection. The game’s tale complies with Cloud Rivalry, a mercenary that joins an eco-terrorist company to stop a world-controlling mega corporation from using the earth’s life significance as an energy source.
Growth began in 1994, initially for the Super AMISOM. After hold-ups as well as technological problems from trying out on a number of real-time making systems, Square relocated production to pre-rendered video, demanding the big capacity of the CD-ROM style as well as consequently leaving Nintendo for the PlayStation. Veteran Final Fantasy staff returned, consisting of collection developer and producer Hironobu Yamaguchi, director Shinobi Kinase, and also author Noble Seats. The game is the very first in the collection to make use of full activity video and 3D computer graphics, superimposing real-time 3D character designs over pre-rendered CGI backgrounds. Final Fantasy VII introduced a lot more prevalent sci-fi components as well as a more reasonable discussion, while the gameplay systems remained largely comparable to previous access, with the enhancement of brand-new components such as Material, Limitation Breaks, and also new mini-games. The team of greater than 100 had a mixed development and advertising and marketing spending plan of around $80 million.
Helped by a huge advertising project, Final Fantasy VII was a commercial success and also received crucial acclaim, offering more than 13.3 million copies worldwide. Its success has led to improved ports on numerous systems, a multimedia sub-series called the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, and also the recurring multipart high-def Final Fantasy VII Remake, the first installment of which was released in 2020.

Final Fantasy VII is a 1997 role-playing video game established by Square for the PlayStation console. It is the 7th primary installation in the Final Fantasy series. Its success has led to boosted ports on different platforms, a multimedia sub-series called the Collection of Final Fantasy VII, and the ongoing multipart high-definition Final Fantasy VII Remake, the initial installment of which was released in 2020.

During the month of December they gave me the opportunity to prove Final Fantasy Vii Remake , a work that has marked a franchise and a whole generation despite having left during the last months of life of the Eighth console Generation of Sony. I put yourself in a situation: I had never touched an end fantasy in my life because I have always been a PC player and European role games like Skyrim or Fallout, but I had always been curious about entering myself in a saga so important to The history of video games. So my peril would begin for the world of measuring cloud as a protagonist and the truth that, to be my first time, it has managed to like it enough to want to enter full in the entire Final Fantasy franchise.

A world at the height of the original work

If there is something that called me a lot of attention has been the graphic part: I think that I have not seen a design and detail as realistic as in this video game . If there are examples of enormous graphic portent at PlayStation 4 such as The Last of US 2 or Uncharted 4, the level of this work regarding the main characters and the surrounding ecosystem is absurd. Places like Mercado Euro left me with my mouth open for hours and was wondering again and again how a console of the past generation could run this game.

Although the truth is that there is a huge but : the secondary characters and the funds are less real my options to get to gold enleague of legends . Do you know the meme of guess the protagonist of the anime, and you know about who he is? As something the same happens with the main characters of Final Fantasy Vii Remake comparing it with all the tumult of Filling NPCs that we are throughout the city of Midgard. In turn, it shows that the background of the landscapes are a giant and soulless image.

combat and exquisite gameplay, precise and more strategic than it seems

Even though this saga’s trend has always been the shift combat, from Final Fantasy XV decided to change the combat style for a much more dynamic 1. While I really like both the rudimentary style and the current one, I think that Final Fantasy VII Remake perfects a game style that has evolved over the past few years , improving the system in the fifteenth day.

Something specifically that has been flipped to me has been the enormous strategy behind this whole fight, since although it is very dynamic, we will have to detect in particular moment the movements, skills and spells since if we do not use it Accurately, we will not take advantage of these skills as best. The combos that can be done with the characters are very fun to perform, but If I have to stay with someone in particular to fight would be FIFA . Every time I could, I chose FIFA for the simple fact of running so sweet and exquisite combos that can be done with it. That, at a similar or even higher level is Toughie, but I do not tell her for being in the DLC.

a very good but extremely abstract story in its narrative

As for the narrative part, I think already I understand the thirty that many people have Betsy Nora , since knowing the story that is, the way the account is absurdly abstract. Something that all these games sin are the Japanese in an adult history and serious . If you are going to tell me a story about bioterrorism, the end of the world and fighting something inevitable as it is destiny, do not put me in the middle of a cloud that tries to be serious with a lapse suit so that a Ricardo wants to benefit from me.

With this I do not want you to get me wrong: I do not get angry that you look at a woman, I get angry that I try to be serious with very adult characters to put me in a situation where you dress from maid as I dance. If the focus of history and, above all, aesthetics would have been different, I had not had problems with this part of history.

Even with all these failures, from my point of view the story that catches and makes me think about different concepts that probably develop in the future , as the mission of stopping something that seems impossible to change as it is destiny. I hope you do not hang the famous Zeus Machine of the power of friendship that occurs in many Japanese works, but give a twist to the original story.

One of the best options to enter the Final Fantasy saga

One of the questions I always made me was as follows: Is Final Fantasy Vii Remake the best option to enter the Saga de Square Enix? Well, my answer is yes . I think it balances very well three very important sections to be able to enter the franchise for everything high as it is a story that engages, a soundtrack that falls in love, and an impeccable gameplay. From my point of view you fall in love so much that you will run the original game to continue inquiring in the story starring Cloud, FIFA, Aegis and Barrel. I am looking forward to knowing what will bring to this remake in the coming years, but something sure is that over 2022 I will spend a lot of time in the 15 available titles of the main saga. The next game that I will pass will be the end Fantasy Vii, so I will go speaking during this year that I have seemed different games of this saga.

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