Final Fantasy XIV back for sale on January 25

Final Fantasy XIV is an enormously multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and also published by Square Enix. Directed as well as generated by Naomi Yeshiva, it was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows and also PlayStation 3 in August 2013, as a replacement for the fallen short 2010 version of the video game, with assistance for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, as well as macOS releasing later. At the verdict of the initial video game, the primitive dragon Bahamas escapes from its lunar prison to launch the Seventh Umbra Calamity, an apocalyptic event which destroys a lot of Korea.
This team was responsible for creating material for the original version as well as developing a brand name new game which would address all the previous release’s objections. This brand-new video game, originally referred to as Variation 2.0, includes a brand-new game engine, improved web server framework, as well as spruced up story, user interface, and also gameplay.
The game launched to mainly favorable function; critics commended the video game for its strong technicians as well as development, and also they complimented Yeshiva for transforming the project around. After a poor 2013 fiscal year, Square Enix execs attributed the business’s 2014 go back to productivity in component to the video game’s solid sales and also subscriber base, reaching an overall of over 24 million signed up gamers by October 2021, likewise becoming one of the most successful Final Fantasy game to date. The video game has had a variety of post-release updates produced for it, consisting of 4 major expansion packs: Heavenward (2015), Storm blood (2017), Shadow bringers (2019), and also End walker (2021).

We remember: Faced with the congestion of the servers and the very expected launch of the End walker extension, Square Enix had no choice but to temporarily suspend the sale for download from Final Fantasy XIV, in order to Avoid an even more massive influx of old and new players. This situation should normally end in the morning of January 25, as explained by producer Naomi Yeshiva in a new post at the address of the community.

As labeled: In the case where server access worries would resume more beautiful, this decision remains reversible. In the same way, the free trial period, which guarantees access to the basic game and its first extension will continue after verification of the server stability for some time.

On the server side, it will be retained that a data center for Oceania will open on January 25, to add five new entrance doors — the transfer fees will be deleted for the players of the history region to encourage them to migrate. As a result, the transfer service will resume worldwide, allowing players to move to another world from January 26th. On the other hand, it will be necessary to wait for a subsequent update to transit from a data center and a region of the globe to another.

Shortage of components requires, the arrival of new Data Centers for the main regions of the game may take some time: Japan will receive a new data center in July 2022, the American continent will benefit from an expansion of servers in two phases. As of August 2022, while Europe will also benefit from a significant expansion of two-phase servers from July 2022.


Once again, I want to apologize for the delays in the expansion of the servers caused by the global semiconductor shortage. The need for communities to separate because of the grouping of the worlds is another disadvantage that can It is inevitable for some players, and we ask you to show upon understanding when we work to mitigate this problem., concludes Yeshiva. Mastering these difficulties, we believe that the extension of the servers is an important step in providing players with the best possible gaming experience in FFI. Server strengthening work will continue until 2023 and will require many financial and human resources But we will do our utmost to ensure that this work does not have a negative impact on your gaming experience.

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