2022 is the perfect time to finally enter Final Fantasy 14

While the latest part of the Final Fantasy series is still waiting for a while, MMO fans have been celebrating the release of Final Fantasy 14: End walker since December. The expansion is now even the best-rated PlayStation game 2021 on Metacritic, even before blockbusters such as IT Takes Two, Death loop and Resident Evil Village.

There was never more players who have dived into the world of Korea, so that you even partially take long waiting times to play in order to play at all. Nevertheless, the effort is worth it, because never the MMO was better than now.

Stephan Zaire
@Gamingund cats

Stephan has been playing Final Fantasy 14 for several years after he returned the back of World of Warcraft. Only on the PC, however, now rather comfortably off the sofa, he makes as the warrior of light the countries of Korea unsafe. For this, he also likes to log in once 1-2 hours earlier so that he creates it in the evening on the overcrowded servers. Then he brings himself as a warrior or Ninja through the exams and Raids.

Epic stories à la Final Fantasy

What Final Fantasy 14 is very different from the competition, the strong focus on the epic staged history that does not have to hide behind other parts of the series.

As a warrior of the light, she fights with the federal government against the Prime, old gods, which are summoned by the wild tribes of the world. Underneath, her old acquaintances like Fit and Shiva , whom you can face in great staged struggles.

All this extends more and more, until you get into a war between an old city and dragons, you have to end a decades-continuous civil war and eventually opposite you to the end of the universe.

A Realm Reborn Heavenward Storybook

End walker is the highlight of the history on the meantime, which can attract with numerous twists, interesting villains and a wonderful basic topic about hope, forgiveness and second opportunities. Finally, you can experience the full story without cliffhanger or open quest strands.

In more than 25 years of video games, I have not experienced such an emotional roller coaster ride, as in many of the highlights of the Final Fantasy 14 story. Includes tears, joy calls and laughter. Your degree belongs to my personal highlights of the last year. An opinion that I obviously do not have exclusive if I may believe Reddit, YouTuber and tears breaking out in tears.

Square Enix best-of

Final Fantasy veterans are not only happy about old acquaintances like Copies or Chooses. The entire game literally bursts of allusions on earlier parts.

Struggles for example against Ex death, Kafka or Ruby Weapon. One of the RAIDS leads you to the crystal tower from FF3, another in the ruins of the city of Rabanastre part 12th Squall from FF8 even received its own class with the revolver blade.

Fans should, in particular, carriage a detour to Gold Saucer. The part 7 known Final Fantasy-Amusement Park is crammed with mini-games, events and rewards. Breed, for example, Chooses and approaches other players in races. Or you collect triple triad cards and take part in tournaments.

More than Final Fantasy: But even outside the Final Fantasy world, you will be able to discover a lot. In an event you meet on Golems from Dragon Quest. In Shadow bringers you meet the dwarfs of the Secret of MANA series. Or you try to see you at the Near: Automata Raid, in which you fight together with 2B against patched machines. This was even designed by Yoke Saith and Yoko Taro, Producer and Director of the Near series.

For all this, you will still find it easy today. Because in FF14 there is no outdated content, so new entrants are currently available to more content than ever.

The perfect entry-level MMO

If you have never played a MMO before, then FF14 could be particularly interesting for you.

Gentle entry: You can first experience a large part of the game alone and focus on the main story. Other activities, such as raids, exams, dungeons, treasure hunts or hunts are brought closer to you, without charting you directly with everything that FF14 has to offer.

Also, new skills for your chosen job will receive your piece wise, so you almost automatically learn the right style of play without having to visit forums or Reddit somewhere. Incidentally, you do not need to worry about doing it to you or have chosen a job that does not lie you. If you do not feel like having to swing the sword as a paladin, then put a few daggers and become ninja. FF14 gives you a lot of space for mistakes and merry trials.

Square Enix has done a good job here to make the entry as easy as possible. Many of the old problems just at the beginning of the game were fixed and jobs never played more fluid than now in End walker.

A community that welcomes you

At some point you will not come around a dungeon or RAID anymore. For these, however, you can find in seconds via the matchmaking tool teammates, with which you automatically land in the chosen adventure.

However, despite the little required communication, it is not always very desirable with random players. Because who had not already had a toxic experience in a call of duty lobby or chat of a lot of League of Legends? There are gladly insults through the area, if not all runs directly.

Who has such expectations, will be surprised by the handling tone in FF14? Because the community is extremely friendly and helpful, just new ones.

Safe place for all players inside: This is due to the hard access to Square Enix, which do not tolerate toxic, insulting or discriminatory behavior, which is why there is also a high proportion of LGBTQ + and female players who feel comfortable in FF14.

Beginner welcome: On the other hand, new players will receive a special icon next to the name. So everyone immediately recognizes that you do not have much experience in the game and go with you accordingly. Therefore, you do not have to fear to be noticed immediately if you die for example in a boss fight.

Last but not least, a large part of the FF14 players inside is very satisfied with their game (something that is becoming less and less often of these days) and is therefore looking forward to sharing their hobby with new people.

The title Best Community at the Golden Joystick Awards 2021 the game has more than earned.

Sold out and overflowing

If you now really feel like Final Fantasy 14, there is unfortunately a not insignificant hook. The game is currently not available — that’s why only the almost perfect time is to get started in the MMO.

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Final Fantasy 14 is so successful that the sale was set

Square Enix has problems to procure new servers due to global chip scarcity to become the onslaught of enthusiastic player. Director Naomi Yeshiva recently announced in a new letter to the community that the online sale from the 25. January is resumed.

So let these little obstacles do not discourage. Because you should create it on one of the overcrowded worlds, waiting for you, in my opinion, one of the best role-playing games of the current console generation. Including a well-written, emotional history, mass content and one of the friendliest communities on the net.

Do you want to get in Final Fantasy 14 by the article? Or do you even play?

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