DIRT 5 SplitsCreen – How to set up a local co-op

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Dirt 5 may be well over a year old, but the off-road arcade racer of Code masters is still one of the best PS5 racing games and best Xbox racing games that you can find. Originally published along with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X | S, this entertaining Sim gave us a first real insight into what we can expect from the latest and best console hardware.

In January 2022, PlayStation Plus users gave the game as part of their subscription, which many players opened the opportunity to invite their friends to some good, old-fashioned Split-Screen gaming — something that was previously impossible for large parts of the game life.

Players, however, have problems with the preserved DIRT 5 PS5 silkscreen works, which, as it turns out, runs out to a poorly documented step, which is easily overlooked when setup. But do not worry, as you will see in our instructions below, you do not have to play around with the settings or similar.

Here you can easily learn how to set up the shared screen of DIRT 5 on both consoles.


DIRT 5 Silkscreen

If you want to run Dirt 5 with shared screen, you will be glad to know that this is a pretty simple process. Everything you need to do is ensure that all players are logged in to an online account and both have turned on their controllers.

On Xbox, all players must simultaneously press the View key, and PS5 must simultaneously press the touchpad at the same time.

From there you should see a message that states that the second player has joined the game. You recognize whether the split screen works when the Time Trial option in the menu is grayed out.

DIRT 5 PS5 Silkscreen

If you still have problems on PS5, you are not al1. So that the shared screen of DIRT 5 PS5 works, you need to run the above steps and make sure each participating player is logged in to an account and that the PS5 itself is online.

From then on — and that is the crucial step that is not clearly listed — each player must complete the first tutorial race. As soon as you’re done, you can press the touchpad, celebrate, and then enter every of the split-screen-compatible modes of Dirt 5 and drive to your heart’s content.

And that’s all you need to know to get the shared screen from Dirt 5 to run. If you are looking for something else to play, see the other free PS plus games available and our list of the best PS5 multiplayer games for 2022 if you and your friends need more inspiration.

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