Critical Role mocks a new and mysterious threat in the field of campaign of Taldorei Reborn

A new faction has emerged in Tail’Dora after the events of Critical First Campaign. Earlier this week, the Critical paper Harrington Press, owned by Harrington Press, published Scenario of Tail’Dora Renaldo, a new D & D query book that provides a detailed breakdown of the continent of Tail’Dora after the fight of Vox Machine against the Chroma and Verna ​​Conclave. The book serves as a campaign configuration guide with new rules and adventure hooks and as an intriguing update on what happened to the beloved NPCs and places that are seen in sapeles critical first campaign in the 25 years that have elapsed since He finished that story.

One of the most intriguing parts of Tail’Dora campaign Renaldo is the emergence of a new popular faction in Tail’Dora with potentially sinister designs. The League of Miracles is a group of mercenary magicians who helped rebuild DEMON and other cities after taking control of Tail’Dora by the Chroma Conclave. The group uses magical constructions similar to cats called advances in their work and quickly became a rising force in Tail’Dora, partly because the Tail’Dora Council owes the Group a significant amount of money on its part on reconstruction of the continent a long before him. Calendar. To emphasize the importance of the group in the new Era of Tail’Dora, an Cranach appears on the cover of the book, apparently attacking an aircraft on White stone while the iconic characters representing several subclasses presented in books counterattack.

The League of Miracles is also involved in secrecy. The group has a mysterious leader known only as Wanderwörter that communicates psychically with the intimate circle of it and has only made a handful of public appearances. The group also employs a number of magicians less than experienced, bringing cultists, necromancers and blood wizards to complete their ranks. The League of Miracles seems unpleasant, although its true objectives and the identity of the Wanderwörter are open to speculation.

Because the league of miracles exists as a force opposed to Vox Machine and its allies and one of the two NPCs appointed in the book is a neighbor’s worshiper, it certainly seems that the group is intended to act as an antagonistic force in such ‘. Dora. It is interesting that the influence of the group in Tail’Dora exists greatly due to the ingenuity of the Tail’Dora Council and its inability to face a group that is acquiring power by other means other than pure strength and power.


Of course, the big question is whether the Miracles League will be content with staying in Tail’Dora or if its influence will be extended to other continents, such as Marque, where the Critical Campaign is carried out. And Wanderwörter is a completely new character for Critics Is it an existing NPC that maintains the identity of it secret? There are many questions for answering, whether that happens within a Critical campaign or on your table in a game set in Tail’Dora.

Tail’Dora campaign Renaldo is now available from ROL critics.

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