LOL: Massive filtration would reveal future skins and advance the arrival of a great event

Riot Games, Inc. is an American video clip game developer, publisher as well as esports tournament organizer. Its headquarters are in West Los Angeles, California. Founded in September 2006 by Brandon Beck and also Marc Merrill to create League of Legends, the company has actually gone on to develop a number of spin-off games of League and an unrelated first-person shooter, Valorant. Given that 2011, Riot has actually been a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Tencent. As a publisher, Riot Games supervises the production of League spin-offs by other programmers through its publishing arm, Trouble Forge. The business dealt with Article to launch Arcane, a TV collection based in the League of Legends cosmos.
Trouble runs 14 global League of Legends esports organizations, the League of Legends Globe Championship and the Valorant Champions Scenic Tour. The firm, which had 24 workplaces worldwide as of 2018, sells business sponsorships, merchandise, and streaming rights for its leagues.

The leaks at League of Legends are not as usual as in other titles, but on many occasions they serve to predict some key details about the future of the game. Recently it has come to light which could be a list with Riot Games plans for Skins and events launches over the next few months. A revelation that has been taken cautiously by the community, but in which many elements squat with the advertisements of the developers.

The future Skins and League of Legends events?

It should be noted that, as always in these cases, we must be prudent and not take all the information at the bottom of the letter. It is not only about that it may or may not be true, if not the possibility that Riot Games change plans and decides to adjust dates while still room of maneuver. In any case, All the details revealed by the filtration would be the following :

Squadron : Riven, Miss Fortune, Zoe, Katarina, Renata (possible new champion) and Jinx (with prestigious edition) would join this cosmetic line. There would be an event to celebrate your arrival that would start on patch 12.5. It would also include Pike warrior of the ash.
Bee : Brianna, Need, Fiddlesticks and Khan’six would be the champions that would arrive at the return of this cosmetic line. They would do it on patch 12.6.
Frosty Fire : This cosmetic line would return with novelties for Nautilus, Oran and Death in version 12.7.
Arcane : HRI, Join, Diana, Yo rick and Karma (with prestigious edition) would expand in 12.8 this collection of Skins launched for last year. Again, there would be an event dedicated to its launch.


Filtration is somewhat confused since it is not as elaborate as others that showed true. However, it uses a mixture of confirmed elements and others on which it takes time theorizing to try to convince us of its veracity. We know that Riven and Miss Fortune will be part of the Squadron or that Brianna will be in the selection of bees when the Skins arrive in League of Legends. The same happens, although only as theory, with fiddlesticks and jinx , on which rumors have been heard in recent months.

It is worth paying attention, but not depositing all our confidence in filtration. In any case, we will not take long to discover if it is really about the future of League of Legends , since both aspects and the new champion would have to be presented at the BE in less than a month.


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