The Wiccher 3 could join the Xbox game at x019

Update : The Witcher 3 has been confirmed for the Xbox Game Pass, as well as for several Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Yakuza.

If you managed to stay so long without playing The Wiccher 3: wild hunting, you may soon have an excuse less, at least if you have an Xbox One. According to a video advertisement that would have been recently broadcast on Twitch, The Winter 3 will come to Xbox Game Pass.

The announcement was spotted by the dropped user, and although she was not verified, she has quite legitimately. It shows images of grenets 5, The outer worlds, and le devil can cry 5 (which are already on the Game Pass), and ends with the sorceler. It was already expected that Microsoft presents new games on the occasion of the Game Pass. The wirceler 3 will be one of them. The show should also include 12 Xbox Game Studios games, some of which will be new revelations. Obsidian and rare would also have new games to show during the event.

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Despite its release in 2015, The wirceler 3 is still a big draw for many players, with a rich history and beautiful graphics that still hold years later. The recent port of the game on Nintendo Switch has sparked a lot of enthusiasm, showing how viable he was for years after his exit, even at his very price. If it tells you something, it should be just as exciting for fans if it is playable for free on Xbox.

The Xbox Game Pass has increasingly been considered an indispensable service in recent months, winning enormous titles as germs 5 and the external worlds for release. Although the subscription service has always had its share of excellent games, it seems to have recently been upgraded, offering better games and grouping services at a lower price. The Game Pass is also available on PC now, which has considerably expanded its range.

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