Final Dream XIV: Gamer lays brand-new RAID

The gamer Aka Ada has actually offered an excellent efficiency of In final Fantasy XIV. He played the job warrior who is currently known for its very strong self-healing.

These RAID managers are (normally) created to be defeated with a team of 8 gamers. It does not constantly necessarily need to be the classic role distribution of 2x storage tank, 2x healers and also 4x dd, yet it is greater than just a container is already… suggested.

Aka Ada has made: A warrior has caused a stir in the Subreddit of FFI by producing the brand-new Employer battle versus Erichthonios solidarity. He belongs to the new RAID Pandemonium at Level 90, which was launched with end walker.

Accordingly, numerous players in Subreddit located the efficiency of AKA ADA remarkable, although only were the regular and not the epic setting of the RAIDS. Lots of comments saw that in the battle itself with full teams commonly experienced sufficient wipes:

  • WTF Male, you’re insane. – OK Concentrate5128
  • What a champion. Damn excellent. – El Ra en spice
  • It’s absolutely remarkable, but I truly need to ask why? – Chismorray

Some gamers also joked that he would now criticize if the warrior gets a nerf and asked him a joking, he may remove the video from his kill however before the FFI team sees it. By the way, you can view the video here:

So aka made it: The big task to place an existing RAID boss solo, aka has actually prospered many thanks to the plain self-healing of the warrior. While the tank had already been solid abilities in Shadow bringers, with whom he could maintain himself alive, that went into the extreme in End walker.

In enhancement to the regenerative skills such as battle thrill, equilibrium, drinking the guard as well as a selection of defensive cooldowns, especially the brand-new capability of luminous pulse plays a key function:

Because the normal setting of Pandemonium has no Enrage, Aka did not need to stress regarding his DPS. He can take so much time in the battle as necessary.

  • It minimizes the damages endured by 10%.
  • Produces a guard that takes in damage.
  • Allows the warrior per hit his HP in the healing possibility of 400 bring back.

Healers are just a suggestion.

He played the job warrior that is presently known for its exceptionally solid self-healing. Warrior had for that reason been covertly converted to a therapist function. White illusionist or scholar would therefore be totally optional if a warrior is in the group. The HPS (recovery per second) of a warrior would be much above the correct therapist.

According to his Reddit blog posts, the biggest problems represented the ideal timings for using protective cooldowns, along with the pile auto mechanics. The gamest of the group need to set up on a tiny area as well as soak up the damage with each other.

Certainly, this is not possible alone, however AKA has located it out of computations that he can minimize the damages with skillful balancing of his cooldowns enough to endure the auto mechanics.

Between the lines, nevertheless, the assumption of a Nerfs checks out. While the warriors have not experienced a NERF in 6.05 in 6.05, the supervisor Yeshiva of Patch 6.08 was revealed, which must bring additional equilibrium adjustments.

Just how do you find the efficiency of AKA ADA? Do you believe that the warrior is to be generated or should various other storage tanks like to obtain aficionados? Compose it to us in the remarks.

For huge pulls in normal dungeons, in which 3 or more challengers are assaulted concurrently, the warrior will get back for every challenger HP.


Warrior had actually therefore been covertly transformed to a healer function. White magician or scholar would certainly consequently be entirely optional if a warrior is in the team. The HPS (recovery per secondly) of a warrior would be much over the proper healer.

These reactions are readily available: As is customarily, the strong self-healing of the warriors in the FFI neighborhood has promptly end up being a meme. Since the release of End walker as well as its upgrades the tasks several Jokes were posted over it, as exaggerated the capability of ruminants is.

Others published their conversation logs from Dungeons with asking similar to this right here: Can you stop healing yourself to make sure that I have something to do? Lead your turning wrong or something lol.

Just How is Last Dream XIV: End Walker 1.5 Months to Launch?

Although the duration of the capacity is just 8 secs, yet the cooldown is only 25 secs. This implies that a warrior can entirely heal each other every 17 seconds, as aka showed it in his video clip. With just over 77,000 optimum HP, it can heal for up to 9,500 HP per strike.

Do you believe that the warrior is to be produced or should other storage tanks favor to obtain lovers?

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