Rumor: FFVII Remake 2 would arrive next year

Eventually, Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 will be available. Although Square Enix maintains silence with respect to this project, an insider ensures that this title could be closer than one could think. However, all depends on the development of Final Fantasy XVI.

Although at the moment there is no official information, it is expected that Final Fantasy XVI is available at some point of 2022. In this way, Nate The Hate, who has filtered correct information in the past, has indicated that Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 It would come a year after the next main delivery in the series . This means, that the sequel to the reimagination of the PS1 classic, would be in our hands until 2023.

However, it has also been pointed out that, if Final Fantasy XVI is delayed until 2023, this would mean that Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 would arrive at 2024. Together with this, the next work of Betsy Nora and his team would be an exclusive PlayStation 5, something that is not hard to believe. Finally, it has been mentioned that Square Enix is ​​pressing the team to launch this continuation as soon as possible , something that could be affected in the quality of the final product.

As always, Square Enix has not decided to clarify this rumor . In case of being true, this would mean that Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 would arrive sooner than thought, especially considering the long development of the first part. We only have to wait until more official information is available.

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Editor’s note:

The idea of ​​seeing Final Fantasy VII remake 2 A year after Final Fantasy XVI does not sound as crazy. However, a project as big as the Remake needs more time. While it is true that Square Enix already has the bases, rebuilding the world of seventh delivery is something that takes time, but the results are worthwhile.

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