The studio Bordelais Nova

Specialized in the design of visual novels, the studio Bordeaux Nova-Box already reveals its next creation after Along The Edge 2016, Sees Isle in 2018 and Across The Grooves in 2020.

Always hand painted, End of Lines Change of executive by opting for a near future in which the world has not been able to respond in time to the announced climax disaster. This title in which the blue sky is no longer a distant souvenir will make us follow a group of survivors through the devastated landscapes of Southern Europe, looking for a habitable place after having lost everything.

Or almost, because this group consisting of Camille, Nora, Sam and Radio forms a family whose links allow them to continue to move forward. In addition to the realization in the tradition of Nova-Box games and its illustrations by hundred, the story will be able to take different paths according to the choice of the player, especially in the management of the food foods of the troop. End of Lines will be released this year on Switch and PC (Windows, Mac, Linux).



End of Lines – Trailer

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