Employees, anger anger in CEO! Activision blizzard swings in a huge acquisition

Employees in Activision Lizard have anger’s voice for Multiple media CEO Bobby Comic .

After the acquisition of Activision Lizard, Microsoft, Cotick, in the interview with overseas media, has been the impact of Overwatch 2 release postponement as one of the backgrounds. However, Mr. Tracy Kennedy, an Overwatch 2 producer, is revealed that the cause of postponement is Cotick.

Kennedy says, Bobby, I’m going to wear a related project of the first Overwatch and post it. Post to Twitter. According to the post, the team was finally overtime and the project was finally canceled. Mr. Kennedy argued that the period that could be used for Overwatch 2 development was lost several months, and accused Mr. Comic and Mr. Comic.

Also, in the Washington Post, multiple anonymous Activision Blizzard employees leak about Comic’s trends. Employees wanted the company’s future, and he wanted a 30-minute meeting, and he had failed to talk to the meeting. Employees who fear the layoff confessed I felt anger and fear for me.

※ Update (2022/1/21 11:20): Fixed the notation of Mr. Boat in Summary and Full Text. Thank you for pointing out in the comments section.

※ Update (2022/1/21 13:33): Fixed the Wall Street Journal notation of related links in the text, Washington Post.

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