But no flop? Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins looks like in the new trailer Famos!

So far, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin seems to be a great deviation from the usual Final Fantasy formula. Developer Square Enix got Nigh developer Team Ninja in the boat to establish a separate Souls-Like .

The first impression of the game has been more like a belly landing, which you can read more in our preview test more precisely. Since the release is coming soon, there was a row yesterday new information and fresh pictures to see hoping for the fans.

In addition, Square Enix and Team Ninja also published a final trailer for FF-Souls-Like. There was a new gameplay to see and granted an insight into the history of the protagonist Jack. While all this was dramatically underpin by Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

Final trailer to Stranger of Paradise

In addition to all the new information from yesterday to the protagonists and opponents of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (Buy Now €69.99), the last trailer fans offers almost five minutes video. There is partly from new gameplay scenes and on the other hand, on the story and the characters of the game.

Here you can watch the new trailer to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

The Souls Like Adventure should be an alternative post-counting of the history of the original Final Fantasy. Four warriors of light pull against the powers of chaos in the fight.

The first part of the new trailer introduces the main hero of the game: protagonist Jack with its companions of Jed, Ash, Neon and Sophia.

An appearance also get the main opponents of the game: the four unfamiliar chaos . In short gameplay clips, the already known unfamiliar Kraken and Rich are shown. You get company from the Fire Woman Ability and the multi-headed dragon Tiamat .

And sudden Frank Sinatra

In the second half of the trailer, there is an unexpected style twist, as Frank Sinatra’s My Way is heard during a longer reception of the protagonist Jack Garland in a golden wheat field.

The rest of the trailer focuses on Jack and makes hints about how he is in this world. In addition, the relationship of Jack and Crown Princess Sarah is closely illuminated, because the two seem to develop emotions for each other during the events.


When will Stranger of Paradise appear?

As the trailer at the end is greatly proclaimed, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins on 18. March 2022 for PC, PS4 & PS5 , as well as for Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S released.

Have you already feel like the new Souls-Like of Square Enix?

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