[Interview] Final Fantasy Origin, “Development progress is 100%, no smoke”

The Square Enix and Goa Team release date of Team Ninja are developing new ‘Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins (hereinafter FF Origins)’ score came in the next two months.

FF Origins is a third-person action RPG, which advocates a ‘Final Fantasy history of the most brutal and exciting action. Naeteumyeo put a high degree of difficulty battles never before seen in previous Final Fantasy series, the main development team of ‘infant series involved, the player freely change two professional and can enjoy the action of the hoop.

Square Enix has released a bar a variety of factors that may recall the memories of last December, FF Origins Story motif of the original Final Fantasy 1. It is characterized by a traveler start a fresh adventure in Final Fantasy 1 for the first time from the north legs facing, all new 3D graphics to the appearance of the pirates bike and Cornelia royal characters, and the heroine of ‘Serra Princess of implementation.

Since the second demo was distributed some user feedback, a large figure of FF Origins apply both small improvement is whether what has changed and looked in through the hamkkehan interviews with key developers FF Origins.

Q. FF Origins seems to have correctly implemented the early scenes, the main stage of the Final Fantasy 1 in 3D. However, it does have a flaw Korea many users are familiar with on the first side. One convenience or set the stage for anyone to easily understand I wonder whether you plan to add an About my games.

Fujiwara Gin Producer (hereinafter Fujiwara) \ – FF Origins is a game, but in the world of Final Fantasy 1 sago as the main motif, and Final Fantasy 1 is a completely different game. Of course, if you know Final Fantasy correct, but one thing that you can enjoy even more fun, even if all you do not know the Final Fantasy 1, in order to play the game need not worry at all open interfere.

Q. FF Origins will it employ real-time combat system, I wonder if in conjunction with colleagues to play a character, or a combo system includes a system such that the greater the damage.

Daisuke Income, Director (hereinafter Income) \ – know that the ecosystem of peers and formally applied to the numbered titles in the Final Fantasy 15. If talking about this ecosystem, it is not applicable to FF Origins.

However, there can be as be instructed fellow players directly down the ability to fight more actively used, or harder. If you have any confrontation with colleagues back to the enemy’s rear gives more damage and put back the attack, it can be linked in ways that take advantage of a fellow AI combat.

Q. The predecessor, infant series of Team Ninja was possible manner to the high-level players to help hunt cooperatively and low-level players. When the level difference from the FF Origins I can play with the players, the balance adjustment is wondering how to proceed in any way.

Masada Fiumicino producer (the Masada) \ – like to play with the hard segment to play alone, the multiplayer is possible in a number of ways which was a low level that was the high level user. Unlike infant FF Origins Because there are ‘caught’ system, it is sometimes easier to play part of a role. If it is difficult to select the action or combat miles Rosa and dedicated to the recovery and, in said formula stand for the ground a little familiar with the front.

Q. Once you have played the FF Origins, naturally ‘Final Fantasy pixels remastered in the series seems they are interested. The Different Name Translate swine interference to occur, proceed to judging localizing the basis of any language if the FF Origins?

Income \ – was conducted by the Korean translation of the Japanese version if the origin of the FF.

Q. If you are the last two editions of the car is reflected in the product user feedback information, the demo version will be introduced ask what things.

Masada \ – largely three. The first is related to the frame rate and optimizing, this part will be reflected in improvements to ensure the full product version. The second is difficult to comment multiplayer. In this opinion the high hurdles, is underway to improve so that matching can be achieved more easily. Finally, the third is related to the AI ​​NPC. This information, so keep the feedback that resulted from the last primary demonstration was conducted additional well-adjusted to reveal the personality of each character from the system side.

Q. When you use your skills to a higher class, I wonder if additional resources are required in addition to stamina, depending on the class. Also, I notice that more Final Fantasy 5 class types have more, what kind of gun a few?

Masada \ – there is a unique action in accordance with the job. The continuous magic dragon knight jump, Red Enchanter is representative, this specific action may not be used for other jobs. At the same time whenever there is growth to catch learned that action ability, it can equally be used in other jobs. Caught a total of 27 kinds featured in FF origin, in addition to classes in the FF series, traditional fishing became more original. Continue being developed to add new directions to take over the future DLC.

Q. Through the recently released video, the presence of black edit was more highlights. It seems to be a key item of FF origin, can give shared a story about a black modified more?

Income \ – is a little more deeply enter think ‘spoiler’ is therefore more difficult to say, they are black edit ‘holding it until the people of Cornelia Warriors of Light because the protagonists party. In the original Final Fantasy 1 gives the stone does not contain a light feathers came out to talk to the hero party asking to find the light, thus modified black is expected to be a key item that passes through the origin story FF.

Q. The new battle video was released through a special live progressed in the last 12 months. This fast-paced game seems to vary significantly depending on the job combination, which is expected to have a significant effect on the player’s experience. Is it part intended?

Income \ – depending on the job of selecting and combining Strategy, and it is the game experience itself varies the right part intentions. What caught using magic, and various roles in the melee fighting occurs, depending on whether the job. But putting a big difference by either job design can not be cleared if no catch was inserted. I hope to see a good choice to take his play and play and get more variety to meet each other equally experienced.

Q. FF Origins is scheduled to be released through the PS4 and PS5, and Epic Games Store. Do you support each cross-platform saves’ data in conjunction with cross-play?

Income \ – but to play along if the PS4 and PS5 user, any other cross-platform, it is impossible to play. Of course, between the PS4 and PS5 has supported Save the works.

Q. Do you then play the story mode first round, the second round for the content ready to play?

Income \ – of course, was ready. The expression is more difficult difficulty, and stronger item being lifted. The player creates a more powerful build with a strong equipment can continue to enjoy the game.

Q. Does that mean containing showcasing the game to take advantage of the old IP in 2022, and FF Origins think it works with any development compared to the previous series of Balikpapan?

Fujiwara \ – FF Origins holds that were not covered in the original, later in the story. Utilizing the story of an old game correct, but, as the series ’35th anniversary ginyeomjak’re in that delves more deeply the origin of a long series of Final Fantasy I do not think favorably.

In addition, the official title and the numbering is ended story proceeds in a separate line, into a full-fledged action can not be seen in other series works, the report known as the title leads to greater challenges as a series.

Q. Its predecessor was ‘infant’ also very difficult game of Team Ninja, to build a strong presence in the game novices also it is possible to sufficiently clear the game. FF Origins will introduce even ask if there is a challenge for beginners is easy to build a worthwhile recommendation.

Fujiwara \ – FF Origins laid in a device that helps the action can feel it difficult to enjoy the game even simple people. In which you can select when you start the game, there is a difficulty ‘story mode’ If you select this mode, chooses the weapon easier to use, even if you do not select any particular building, you can play comfortably and enjoy the story itself.

Q. The release date is coming soon notice that on March 18th. Development progress dwaetneunji currently in progress to some extent, eopeulji the release date change, yet it is curious that the demo version will be pre-deployment planning try to play the game before the release date.

Income \ – The story of the development progress before launch is a bit cautious side. This time, though, can say with confidence that 100 percent. The notice will be released on March 18, as expected, there is no release date postponed.

Fujiwara \ – there was a lot of feedback from users want to try the demo after the last deployment, also played in the PS4. Before formally released to the public about whether the trial being reviewed and that positive even inside. If you have decided about the future we will have more details to be announced soon.

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