The new Warzone and Vanguard operators are filtered

As you probably already knew, the second content season for Call of Duty: War zone and Vanguard was delayed for two more weeks. According to Activision , this delay was due to they want to improve both games before incorporating new content, but for their bad luck, the new operators that will arrive in the future.

The filtration was initially discovered by @zestycodleaks, a reliable insider and filtering Call of Duty . The original images were eliminated due to a copyright claim, which gives it greater credibility to filtration. The good news is that these images prevailed on the Internet, and you can see them below:

Apparently, these operators will be called Anna, Gustavo, and Thomas. Although it is said that Anna will be included as part of the Battle Pass of season two, Gustavo and Thomas are only available via Bundles of operators .

The second season of these games will debut until February 14, so we will have to wait a little longer to know how reliable these leaks turned out to be.

Editor’s note: We hope that the second season of Vanguard and War zone can finally solve all the problems that users have been experiencing lately. Both games are plagued by technical difficulties that are definitely ruining the experience for all.

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