Wemade, Goryeo Donations

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jing] The Made donated ‘Wins’ to Korea University.

Memoir (Representative Gang Hymn BUK) concluded a cryptographic REMIX (REMIX), concluded the Convention on the 25th of Korea University (General Jeong-jeong, Jong-un, Jong-un),

The Donation Convention was conducted on the Main building of Korea University, the Korea University of Korea.

Korea University plans to use this Convention on a development fund, including research, academic activities, including future education and block body technology for the cultivation of the window of window.

WMADIDIDees have been actively compiling in each of the fields around the world, including US famous universities and French cultural restores in recent years.

Korea University is a leading university, a leading university in Korea, a leading university in Korea. In addition, it is also active in applying a new block body to reality, such as introducing a blockchain based mobile student ID.


We appreciate a new type of donation, so that Memoir, which is changing the paradigm of the game industry by constructing a global open platform that links the game and blockchain, said Korea University will be able to lead the new college donation culture through new types of donations.

By donating a cryptographic wicker to college for the first time in Korea, the first time in Korea was awarded a higher level of position of the cryptographic, he said, I said, he said.

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