Extreme cold survival people DREAD HUNGER officially released! The trailer in the expedition team …

Digital Confectioners announced a formal release of the Survival Men “ DREAD HUNGER ” that has been developing early access from April 2021.

The stage of this work is an freezing arc ite. Eight exploration corps will be alive, securing resources and food, and dealings to predatory animals, etc. The trailer borrows the power of the dark to kill other crews.

# Live over the arctic zone

Warm and warm, chase the predatory animals such as wolf, and look around food and live in harsh and unfortunate Canada’s Arctic.

# Betray the fellow

Give the contaminated food, attack the animals, attack, and spend blood curse. If it is also useless… it should be shocked from behind.

# Make the body

In the arctic sphere, it will be possible to make a tough choice to secure food. Decolorize the corpse and make the fragment weapons or food.

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# Take a ship’s steering

Steer the 19th century warship, avoid (or rush) the iceberg. Standing a ship… or to explode, it is necessary to always find coal for boiler that is always angry.

# Responsible for dangerous world

In the daytime and the entire cycle of the night cycle, prepare for the non-predictable visibility to white-out. Will you run away from huge blizzards that are spooky?

“DREAD HUNGER” is underwriting Steam for Windows 2,570 yen for Windows.

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