“FF14” contributes to increased income! Square Enix third quarter

Square Enix Holdings announced on February 4, 2022 ** The third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 31, 20222. According to IR materials, sales were ¥ 223.6 billion (up 7.9% from the previous year) and operating income of ¥ 50.1 billion (up 22.2% year on year), net income of 39.8 billion yen (116% year on year).

Blizzard Loses MILLIONS of Players vs HUGE FF14 Subs Increase

In the financial results booking materials, each business is explained and in the digital entertainment business, the HD (Hidifinated) game is “OUTRIDERS” and “NIER REPLICANT VER.1.22474487139…” “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” etc. Although there was a sale of the last year’s “Final Fantasy VII Remake” and sales of “Marvel’s Avengers” and sales (sales: Sales: 76.7 billion yen year-on-year).

In the MMO of the same business, “Final Fantasy XIV” exceeds the total number of registered accounts, and the number of members has increased, and the number of monthly billing members will also increase significantly. In addition to that, sales increased by an expansion package (sales: ¥ 29.5 billion year on year → ¥ 48.2 billion this year) has been achieved. In addition, in the content, which has a smart device and PC browser, etc., there is a change in revenue display method by applying the accounting standard for revenue recognition but has a change in revenue recognition, and sales increased year on year (sales: Sales: 972 year-on-year It is 100 million yen for ¥ 97.8 billion this year.

In the amusement business that operates the game center “Taito Station”, as a measure of expansion of new coronavirus infections in the same period last year, sales increased (sales: Sales: sales year-on-year) Yen → ¥ 33.1 billion), surplus transition (operating income: year-on-year minus 1.1 billion ¥ 1.3 billion). In addition, in the publishing business, sales increased due to the increase in sales of digital media, and sales and profits were strong, and sales and profits (sales sales year-on-year 2010 billion yen → This term ¥ 21 billion), and the rights property such as rights property is a new character of their content. Goods “Final Fantasy XIV: Natsuki’s Finale Collector’s Edition”, etc. were strong, etc.

In this settlement announcement, a revision of consolidated business forecasts was also announced, and operating income of the fiscal year ending plan is ¥ 40 billion, and ordinary income has changed from ¥ 40 billion to ¥ 50 billion.

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